Constance Collins
Constance Collins
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Grayson Hall

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Constance Collins

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Strangled by Brutus Collins


Maine, New England, USA

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Brutus Collins (Brother)

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Constance Collins (c.1635-1680) was the younger sister of Brutus Collins in parallel time. Constance was devoted to her brother, but was skeptical of his young wife, Amanda Collins. She was never close with her sister-in-law and became increasingly suspicious of her relationship with Brutus's business partner, James Forsythe.

When Brutus suspected Amanda and James of having an affair, he sent Constance to spy on them. She observed the lovers planning to run away together and faithfully reported it all back to her brother.

Brutus later murdered both James and Amanda, and hid their bodies in a secret room of Collinwood. When Constance discovered this she turned on Brutus. In a fit of madness he strangled his once beloved sister, and placed a curse on the Collins family.

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