From the outside, this Collinwood appeared physically identical to the house in the main timeline.


The drawing room of Collinwood in 1970 Parallel Time.


Angelique's room, the location of a warp in time.

This article is about Collinwood in the present-day Parallel Time. For other instances, see Collinwood and Collinwood (1841 PT)

Collinwood was the primary residence of the Collins family in the year 1970 in the mysterious world of Parallel Time. It was located on Widows' Hill in the Collinsport, Maine that existed in this alternate time band. The mansion was almost physically identical to its counterpart in the mainstream timeline, but with its east wing open and in full use (981).

Quentin Collins was the Master of Collinwood in this timeline, and the first Matriarch of Collinwood was Angelique Stokes Collins, who he was married to until she was murdered during a seance in September of 1969. Most residents of the estate were infatuated with her, even long after her death. Maggie Evans Collins moved into Collinwood six months later as Quentin's new wife and took over the title (981).

Julia Hoffman was the head of the housekeeping staff, and ensured the smooth running of household activities (981). Unlike the Collinwood of the mainstream timeline, this Collinwood was tended by a staff of chambermaids (982) and a cook (983), although they kept the family tradition of the invisible servant alive. Mr. Trask also served as the butler, a position that never existed in the main timeline (994).

Collinwood was temporarily haunted by the ghost of Dameon Edwards, a former friend of the family (994), until Angelique Stokes Collins, returned from the dead, banished Dameon's spirit back to his grave (1006).

The Collinwood estate contained the original family home, renamed "Loomis House" by Carolyn Stoddard Loomis and her husband William Loomis (981), as well as a caretaker's cottage, in which musician Bruno Hess lived (986). Amy Collins mentioned having visited a greenhouse on the estate, where she picked flowers for Maggie Collins (984).

This parallel version of Collinwood was destroyed in August of 1970 when Timothy Stokes set the entire house on fire in an act of revenge (1060, 1061).



  • This Collinwood was the first to be seen in Parallel Time. Collinwood was shown in the 1841 Parallel Time story arc as well, with a significantly different history than its mainstream counterpart. Although it is never explicitly stated that the two versions Collinwood seen in Parallel Time are one and the same, there is no on screen evidence to suggest that they aren't. The biggest similarity seemingly linking the two is the fact that Barnabas Collins never became a vampire and died a human in both of the Parallel Time periods.
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