From the outside, this Collinwood appeared physically identical to the house in the main timeline.


Flora Collins with Quentin Collins in the drawing room of Collinwood.

This article is about Collinwood in 1841 Parallel Time. For other instances, see Collinwood and Collinwood (1970 PT)

Collinwood was the primary home of the Collins family in the year 1841 in Parallel Time. It was located on Widows' Hill in Collinsport, Maine.

Physically, this Collinwood appeared to be nearly identical to its counterpart in the mainstream timeline, although at least one part of the house was much older, having existed as early as the year 1680. The east wing of this Collinwood was also open and in full use.

Residents of Collinwood included Morgan Collins and his brothers Gabriel and Quentin, as well as their adopted sister Melanie Collins. Justin and Flora Collins, their parents, also lived in the Great House with Justin's sister Julia Collins.

The background for this version of the family structure is that the events of 1795 (real time) occurred as they would have had without Angelique. Barnabas Collins (Parallel Time) happily married Josette, and never became a vampire. Together they had a son, Bramwell Collins. However, Barnabas's fortune dwindled, and he died almost penniless in 1820. Josette was heartbroken over the death of Barnabas, but she was consoled by Justin. The two had a secret affair, which resulted in Josette becoming pregnant with Melanie. Justin offered to leave Flora and move away with Josette and their child, but Josette preferred him to stay at Collinwood with Flora, while she moved to Boston. Justin then brought Melanie to Collinwood, saying he had adopted her.

Because of a curse, Collinwood had a haunted locked room, in which members of the Collins family, chosen in a lottery, were forced to spend a night during every generation. All those who went into the room for the night were found either dead or insane the following morning until Bramwell and Catherine Harridge Collins emerged unharmed, defeating the curse.


  • This Collinwood was the second to be seen in Parallel Time. Collinwood was shown in the 1970 Parallel Time story arc as well, with a significantly different history than its mainstream counterpart. Whether or not the two parallel time lines, and therefore the two Collinwoods, were the same was not revealed.
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