From the outside, this Collinwood appeared physically identical to the house in the main timeline.

This article is about Collinwood in 1841 Parallel Time. For other instances see Collinwood and Collinwood (1970 PT)

Collinwood (1841PT) was the great mansion in the town of Collinsport in the year 1841 of Parallel Time, and was the primary home of the Collins family. This was the locale of the last storyline on the original series of Dark Shadows.

Physically, this Collinwood would appear to be nearly identical to that of Regular Time, although at least one part of the great house is much older, having existed during the life of Brutus Collins, i.e. the late 17th century. This is approximately a hundred years before the construction of Collinwood in RT. However, the estate also included a version of the Old House.

In PT, Collinwood had a haunted locked room, one in which members of the Collins family were forced to spend a single night every generation. Those who emerged were always either dead or insane, until Bramwell Collins and Catherine Harridge Collins defeated the curse.

The inhabitants of the Collinwood estate in 1841 PT included Morgan Collins, his brothers Gabriel and Quentin, their father Justin and mother Flora as well as Justin's sister Julia Collins. Their precise relationship to the previous generation of Collins vis-a-vis those of RT has not been revealed.

While it is true that Barnabas Collins married Josette there, whether the rest of the characters existed is somewhat open to speculation. If, for example, Jeremiah Collins and Millicent Collins existed in PT, did they marry? What about Sarah Collins and Daniel Collins? Or for that matter Abigail Collins? For that matter, was there an Isaac Collins in Parallel Time at all, or was his role in history more-or-less played by Brutus? Since there is no evidence of Judah Zachary targeting the Collins family, one wonders if he even existed (which would explain why there was no Angelique because she never became a witch. Thus Catherine Harridge and her sister Daphne would most likely be descendants of Miranda DuVal. If 1970PT is part of the same universe as 1841PT, presumably either Catherine's children or some relative of hers married among the family of Ben Stokes (1841 PT) resulting in Timothy Stokes and his twin daughters Angelique and Alexis.


  • This Collinwood was the second to be seen in Parallel Time. Collinwood was shown in the 1970 Parallel Time story arc as well, with a significantly different history than its mainstream counterpart. Whether or not the two parallel time lines, and therefore the two Collinwoods, were the same was not revealed.
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