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Sy Tomashoff blueprint for Collinwood foyer and drawing room (showing position and angle in relation to television studio)_TV-16

The exterior of the fictional Collinwood was actually Seaview Terrace also known as the Carey Mansion located in Newport, Rhode Island.

Collinwood at night

Side view of Collinwood

The drawing room of Collinwood in 1970.

This article is about Collinwood in "real time" which was built in 1795. For other instances, see Collinwood (1841 PT) and Collinwood (1970 PT)

Collinwood was the primary home of the Collins family, located atop Widows' Hill in Collinsport, Maine. The house was built by Joshua Collins in the mid 1790s (386). It was still owned by the Collins family as late as 1971 (1198).

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard successfully petitioned to have the property tax reduced due to most of the house being closed. The house was more of a liability than an asset and by 1967 it was the only Collins-owned property without a mortgage (42).

The west wing of Collinwood was closed off in 1897 by Judith Collins Trask after her husband's death (884), but was at least partially reopened in 1970 (1071). This wing contained the bedroom suite of the second Quentin Collins, as well as the hidden playroom and stairway into time.

The east wing of Collinwood was stated to have been closed off around 1916 (2), but later episodes stated that the east wing went out of use sometime before the year 1840 (1186). The east wing contained a parlour that served as an entrance into Parallel Time.

In 1949, Elizabeth fired the entire staff of servants at the mansion and brought Matthew Morgan on as the sole employee to do all of the heavy work around the house, while the family did all the rest themselves (2, 6). Previously there had been many servants and governesses at Collinwood.

The road leading up to Collinwood from town was steep with many turns. Matthew Morgan once crashed his car going down the hill, due to his bad brakes (13). Roger Collins also had an "accident" due to "bad brakes" (15). As reported by Marilyn Ross (pen name of W.E.D. "Dan" Ross) in one of "her" early "Dark Shadows" novels, the road from Collinwood to the main highway is two miles long, with another three miles along the highway to Collinsport. Collinwood was reputed to be haunted by Josette Collins as well as the widows who had frequented the hill in life (38). The house was haunted by the ghosts of Quentin Collins and Beth Chavez from 1968 to 1969 (646), and later by the ghosts of Gerard Stiles and Daphne Harridge from 1970 to 1971 until these latter two hauntings were erased from the time-line (1074, 1077, 1198).

In 1967, the phone number at Collinwood was Collinsport 4099 (44, 899) or 7758 (651).

Several episodes were set exclusively in Collinwood (4, 6, 18).

Residents of Collinwood[]


There were forty rooms at Collinwood (2), including:

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