Collinsport coffee mug set Evans cottage ep49

Collinsport coffee mug set_Evans cottage_ep49

Just like the Collinsport afghan, the Collinsport coffee mug set really gets around.

The Collinsport coffee mug is olive green and rounded with jazzy black vertical stripes, usually appearing as a set of two.

The Collinsport coffee mug set makes its first appearance at the Evans cottage (49), but can soon be found in Sheriff Patterson's office (71), as well as Burke's room at Collinsport Inn (100), then at Collinwood (for David's hot chocolate) (187), and eventually in Dr. Woodard's office (284) along with Megan Todd in the antique store (896).

Add style and flair to your coffee time, the Collinsport way. The Collinsport coffee mug set, for coffee any time of day.

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