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Original script for episode 1 (page 3) Collinsport Restaurant

Original script for episode 1 (page 3)_Collinsport Restaurant

Collinsport Inn restaurant was a dining establishment on the first floor of Collinsport Inn, which one would enter through folding double doors leading from the lobby. The restaurant also had a separate entrance by the counter open to the general public.

Though originally scripted as "Collinsport Restaurant", it is often referred to throughout as "the coffee shop" (1, 79, 141143227), but more frequently early on as "the restaurant" (7, 11, 13, 19, 20, 22, 29, 35, 39, 40, 41) and even once as "the hotel café" (71).

Initially, there were three tables in the general seating area (1, 3), but soon the restaurant would be seen to hold four tables (7). The walls were made of knotted pine planks. The counter had room for four stools. At first these were chrome and red leather (1), but were soon replaced by tall wooden chairs with a back rest (3). For the final two episodes in which the restaurant was shown (221, 227), a low-hanging four-piece light fixture was suspended into the middle of the set.

According to Kathryn Leigh Scott's novel Dark Passages, the restaurant set had an "enamel and chrome soda fountain, glass-domed pie stand and a Silex coffee maker." (p. 63)

Full bacon and egg breakfasts were served as were lunch and dinner. A lunch special would occasionally feature lobster roll, cole slaw, and fried potatoes (24). In 1966 you could get a salmon steak for seventy-five cents. The restaurant would close at 11 p.m., but a rare exception would be made when a lonely vampire would show up in search of a cup of coffee (221).