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Town of Collinsport as portrayed in the 2012 motion picture.

Collinsport was a small coastal fishing village located in Maine. Burke Devlin once noted that it wouldn't fill four square blocks in New York (7). Collinsport was 50 miles from Bangor, and near the town of Logansport (1, 8).

The town was also somewhat of an artist colony, enjoying regular visits by summer people (3). The train stopped making regular stops in Collinsport in 1962 (1).

In 1967, Constable Jonas Carter oversaw local law enforcement (17). The local newspaper, The Collinsport Star was published weekly (7, 21). The Collinsport Inn was located on the main street and a traffic light was situated outside the church (10, 23). 


Map of Collinsport drawn by Jean Graham

Locations and businesses[]


Dates in parentheses indicate when each character is known to have lived in Collinsport.