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The Collins family jewels were a collection of valuables that once belonged to the 18th century woman, Naomi Collins. Legend has it, that some time prior to her marriage to Joshua Collins, Naomi was involved with an unscrupulous mariner who presented her with his pirate horde of looted gemstones. This finery would later become known as the Collins family jewels. It is said that when Naomi died, she was buried inside the Collins family mausoleum with all of her jewelry. The story itself, though never confirmed, is commonly referred to as the Legend of Naomi Collins (211).

In 1967, a conman named Willie Loomis spoke with the Collinwood housekeeper Mrs. Johnson who told him of the Legend of Naomi Collins (208). Willie began researching the family history and discovered that Naomi was buried at the mausoleum at Eagle Hill Cemetery (207, 209). Willie broke into the mausoleum and discovered a secret antechamber behind the anterior wall of the crypt. Inside was an ornate coffin wrapped with heavy chains. Believing this to be the final resting place of the legendary jewels, Willie pried open the coffin to gain his prize. Instead of the jewels however, he found the vampire, Barnabas Collins (210).


  • David Collins first revealed the story of the jewels to Willie Loomis, but it was Abigail Collins who was given the jewels by her pirate lover, not Naomi (205).
  • It has been stated that some of the jewelery that Barnabas was known to wear in the 1700s is taken from this collection. During a time travel episode to the year 1897, Barnabas once gave a piece of jewelry to the gypsy, Magda Rakosi, to ensure her loyalty. (703)