The title page of the book.

The Collins Family History Book was a historical text published in the year 1974 (9, 11). The book documented the lives of the Collins family ancestors as they had been officially recorded, and thusly did not reveal true depictions of events in all cases. The book was kept in the drawing room of Collinwood in 1991 (6).

Maggie Evans requested that the book be present at a séance to contact the ghost of Sarah Collins (6). Victoria Winters took the book with her when she was transported back to the year 1790 (7).

Victoria entrusted the history book to Peter Bradford, explaining that it was proof of her coming from another time (9). Peter showed the book to Countess Natalie du Prés, and the two attempted to use it as a guide to prevent the deaths happening around them (10, 11).

The book was entered into Victoria's witchcraft trial by Reverend Trask as evidence for the prosecution. Trask argued that the book was a list of events that Victoria was to make happen (11).

Historical FactsEdit

The book described several events of 1790 with some accuracy:

  • Jeremiah Collins was said, in the book, to have married Josette du Prés. This was true (4).
  • Jeremiah was said to have died of a gunshot wound. Although the book described the death as an accident and not as a part of a duel, this death was also correct (8, 11).
  • According to the book, Josette fell to her death from Widows' Hill. Although she actually jumped, the date and place of her death were correct (10, 11).
  • Sarah Collins was said to have died of a fever, which was correct (11, 12).

Historical InaccuraciesEdit

Due to Joshua Collins' refusal to allow the horrors of 1790 to become public, many events were incorrectly described (10):

  • Angelique Bouchard is not mentioned at all in the history of the family (10).
  • Barnabas Collins was written to have moved to England, while in actuality he had been killed and returned as a vampire (10).
  • Milllicent Collins, according to the book, died of a fever. She had actually been found dead in the woods, her body drained of blood from a vampire attack (10, 11).
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