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The Collins Family History Book was taken by Victoria Winters into the past when she traveled to 1795 (366). It contained the "official" history of the Collins Family starting from their arrival in the New World in the 17th century. Many details were accurate, such as the arrival of Josette DuPres and her suicide soon after her marriage to Jeremiah Collins, but it leaves out many details such as the fact that Josette initially arrived as the fiancé of Barnabas Collins. Needless to say, this book and Vicki's knowledge of the family history did not help her defense against charges of witchcraft (429). The book was used as evidence and left behind when Victoria returned to the present (461).

Joshua Collins read the book and believed it to be an evil, cursed thing, and ordered Ben Stokes to destroy it. However; he also took note of its inaccuracies and decided to perpetuate them in his own hand so that future generations would not know the truth about Barnabas' death and return from the grave, Naomi Collins' suicide, and Millicent Collins' marriage to Nathan Forbes (623). He did not know that Ben never carried out this duty.

Angelique sent Eve back to 1795 (which should be 1796) to find evidence that Peter Bradford and Jeff Clark were the same person (623). Eve, as Danielle Rogét, took the book from Ben Stokes and brought it back to 1968 with her, along with a note, addressed to her from Peter, confirming that he believed Victoria survived the ordeal and he hoped that he would also survive his execution and be reunited with her. Eve then gave the book to Victoria as a wedding present (624).

Inside the Collins Family History Book is a hand-written notation from Reverend Trask which says "The Witch swears it is true" (626).

In 1995, Barnabas finds The Collins Family History, though now the book is blue with seemingly a few volumes. (1068)