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Barnabas' hand shoots out and throttles Jason McGuire's neck!

Barnabas tells Willie not to let anyone ever find his coffin hidden in the Old House cellar.

Angélique stops Ben from killing Barnabas with a wooden stake. She intends that the curse last forever.

A coffin is a funerary box used in the display and cremation of dead people, either for burial or cremation. Vampires require them to rest in during the daylight hours.

Barnabas Collins is most notably associated with his coffin, which is initially kept in the secret chamber of the Collins' family mausoleum (210). When Barnabas' father, Joshua Collins, discovers that his son has become a vampire, Joshua has the coffin moved to the Tower Room in the west wing, wherein a great battle ensues (447). After Barnabas moves into the Old House, his coffin is hidden in the cellar; it is discovered by intruders several times, with fatal consequences for the snooper on at least one occasion (275/276). During his travels in time, Barnabas' coffin was occasionally moved for his own safety, including to a cave on the Collinwood estate. His original coffin was kidnapped by Oswald Gravenor during The Rage Beneath, and likely was replaced by one Willie Loomis found.

Angélique's coffin was kept in the cellar at the house by the sea (549/572), where it was discovered by Tom Jennings (554).

Tom Jenning's coffin is kept in a crypt in the Collins family cemetery(569/570).

Maggie Evans suffers a horrible nightmare in which she sees herself staring at her own dead body inside a coffin (224). She also is placed in a coffin in the secret chamber of the Collins' family mausoleum by Barnabas as punishment for escaping the Old House (248).

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard dreams that she is in an open coffin as Roger and Carolyn look on (576). The coffin closes as Elizabeth cries, "No, no! No! I'm not dead! I'm not! Don't bury me!" Angélique laughs mockingly as Elizabeth wakens from her nightmare, screaming, "Oh...! Oh! I know how it's going to happen. I know it! I saw it! I saw it... I saw it!" Elizabeth was later put into a special coffin in the family mausoleum when she appeared to be dead. The coffin was set up with a button inside, which if pushed would ring a bell at the top of the mausoleum, capable of being heard anywhere on the estate, and also open the coffin lid.

Others known to spend time laying out in a coffin include Megan Todd (971). Hers was hidden near the east wing parlor.