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Claude North (1970 PT)
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Portrayed by

Brian Sturdivant

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Claude North

Year of death


Manner of death

Murdered by Timothy Stokes


Maine, New England, USA



Family members

Claude North (Grandfather)

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Claude North was an artist and the one-time lover of Roxanne Drew in 1970 parallel time.

The character of Claude North is shrouded in mystery. His background and where he came from, as well as his exact relationship with Roxanne, were never fully explained. While in Collinsport, Claude apparently lived in the secret room of the Collins mausoleum.

It appears that Claude had a strange arrangement with Timothy Stokes, which allowed Stokes to use Roxanne as a life force in order to bring Angelique Stokes Collins back to life in exchange for a large sum of money. However, the exact details of this arrangement were never revealed.

It is strongly implied that he and Roxanne were lovers before Claude made his arrangement with Stokes. When Roxanne finally regained her ability to speak, Claude begged her to leave Collinsport forever and start a new life with him. Roxanne refused, however, saying that she no longer had feelings for him and instead had fallen in love with Barnabas Collins.

Claude also had the ability to put individuals into a trance. When he first showed up on the Collins estate, he put Maggie Collins temporarily under his power to find out where Barnabas was keeping Roxanne. He also used these powers on Roxanne when she said she didn't want to leave with him.

Claude was later stabbed to death in the woods and his body was discovered by Barnabas. Stokes revealed that he murdered Claude because he didn't want to give Roxanne back to him.


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