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This time-line covers the continuity of the original televised series of Dark Shadows that ran on TV from 1966 to 1971. It does not include, any of the movies, the revival series, the novels, or the comics as these all form their own separate continuities. A separate chronology incorporating the Big Finish Audio Dramas can be found here: Chronology (audio dramas).

17th Century[]

Year Event
1687 U. Spencer Stockbridge is born. (154)
1690 Isaac Collins leaves England with his family to start a new life in America, he lands at Frenchman's Bay. He establishes a successful fishing fleet and founds a small town known as Collinsport. (3, 17)
1692 The warlock Judah Zachery establishes a coven in the port of Bedford. He boasts the Mask of Ba'al as the source of his immortal powers. (1131)
Amadeus Collins is a judge at the trial of Judah Zachery. Miranda DuVal, a follower of Judah, testifies against him. Judah is convicted and declares to put a curse on the Collins family. (1140)

18th Century[]

Year Event
1713 P. Agthorn Stockbridge is born. (154)
1730 Joshua Collins is born. [1]
Richard Fairbanks is born. (974)
1731 P. Agthorn Stockbridge is trampled by a stallion and dies. (154)
1735 Laura Murdoch Stockbridge is born. (154)
1736 Naomi Collins is born. [1]
1756 Ben Stokes is born. (756) [2]
c1760 Barnabas Collins is born. [3]
1763 Jeremiah Collins is born. (392)
1767 Laura Murdoch Stockbridge is consumed by fire. (154)
The original Collinwood mansion is built as a wedding gift from Joshua Collins to his wife Naomi. (605)
1770 Peter Bradford is born. (660) [4]
Richard Fairbanks is hung for the murder of his wife and children. (974)
1772 Millicent Collins is born.
1774 Josette DuPres is born. [5]
Angelique Bouchard is born. She is the reincarnation of Miranda DuVal. (546)
1780 U. Spencer Stockbridge dies. His throat was slit while sleeping. (154)
1781 The Braithwaite's silversmith business is established. (684)
1785 Sarah Collins is born. [6]
Daniel Collins is born. (373) [7]
Laura Stockbridge Collins is consumed by fire. (741)
1792 Barnabas Collins travels to the French Island of Martinique to expand the Collins business interests. While there, he meets Josette DuPres and her maid Angelique Bouchard. Barnabas falls passionately in love with Josette, but also entertains a dalliance with Angelique. (239)
Nathan Forbes and Suki Welles marry. (424)
1795 November: Victoria Winters arrives from the year 1968. (366)
Jeremiah Collins dies. (390, 392)
1796 Construction of a new Collinwood mansion is completed. [8]
Angelique Bouchard Collins puts a curse on Barnabas Collins turning him into a vampire . (405)
Sarah Collins dies. (415) [6]
VERSION 1: Josette Collins jumps to her death from Widows' Hill. (425) [5]
VERSION 2: A future version of Barnabas Collins arrives from 1897. Natalie DuPres stops Josette Collins from jumping from Widows' Hill. Barnabas and Josette plan to go back to 1897 together. Barnabas is abducted by the Leviathans. Josette takes poison when she thinks that Barnabas has left without her. (886) [9]
Abigail Collins dies. (432)
Reverend Trask is immured in the Old House basement by Barnabas Collins. (442)
Naomi Collins dies. (458) [1]
VERSION 1: March: Nathan Forbes is killed by Barnabas Collins. (460)
As Victoria Winters is hung for witchcraft she is transported back to 1968. (460)
Victoria Winters returns from 1968 with Peter Bradford. (650)
A future version of Barnabas Collins arrives from 1969 in order to save Victoria Winters from being hanged for witchcraft. (661-666)
VERSION 2: Nathan Forbes is killed by Ben Stokes. (666)
Natalie DuPres dies. (666)
Victoria Winters jumps from Widows' Hill. (967)
Peter Bradford is hanged. (660) [4]
1798 Phillipe Cordier publishes an account of the French revolution. (600)

19th Century[]

Year Event
1801 F. Pendleton Stockbridge is born. (154)
1803 October: Otis Greene acquires the disembodied head of Judah Zachery. He becomes possessed by it and commits a series of murders known as the 'Bedford Atrocities'. He confesses to the murders and is committed to an insane asylum (1123)
1805 Joshua Collins dies. [1]
1808 Quentin Collins I is born. (1108)
1811 Gerard Stiles is born. (1076)
Gabriel Collins is born.
1815 Joanna Mills is born. (1133)
1817 F. Pendleton Stockbridge dies by drowning, she is torn apart by the rocks. (154)
1818 Daphne Harridge is born.
c1830 Otis Greene is released from the insane asylum. (1123)
1839 Joanna Mills dies. (1133)
1840 Laura Murdoch Radcliffe is born. (154)
Jonah Collins is born. (614)
Julia Hoffman arrives from the year 1970. (1110)
NEGATED EVENT: Julia Hoffman is killed by a version of Barnabas Collins who never met her in the future. (1114)
Barnabas Collins arrives from the year 1970. (1116, 1117)
Desmond Collins returns to Collinsport with the disembodied head of Judah Zachery to give to Quentin Collins I. (1117)
Ben Stokes dies. (1118, 1119) [2]
Otis Greene dies of a heart attack. (1124)
Judah Zachery takes possession of Gerard Stiles. (1142)
Daniel Collins dies. (1160)
VERSION 2: Edith Collins is killed by Gabriel Collins. (1186)
Gabriel Collins dies. (1191)
Samantha Drew Collins dies. (1193)
Desmond Collins shoots Gerard Stiles killing him, the head of Judah Zachery changes to a skull. (1197)
Angelique Bouchard Collins is killed by Lamar Trask. (1198)
Julia Hoffman and Barnabas Collins use the stairway into time to return to the future. (1198)
1841 NEGATED EVENT: Gerard Stiles dies. (1076)
NEGATED EVENT: Daphne Harridge dies.
1846 Abraham Howell is born. (819)
1847 Minerva Trask is born. (788)
1863 Jonah Collins dies. (614)
1867 Laura Murdoch Radcliffe is consumed by fire. (154)
1869 Jenny Collins is born. (750)
1870 Quentin Collins II is born. (695)
1873 Caleb Collins dies. His will stipulates that the Seaview property cannot be sold to someone outside the Collins family for 100 years. (335)
1876 Rachel Drummond is born.
1885 Jamison Collins is born.
1895 Amanda Harris is created by Charles Delaware Tate from his painting.
1896 Laura Murdoch Collins is consumed by fire.
1897 Abraham Howell dies. (819)
Lenore Collins and an unnamed twin brother are born.
A future version of Barnabas Collins arrives from the year 1969. (701)
VERSION 1: Edith Collins dies of old age. (706)
Jenny Collins is killed by Quentin Collins II. (748)
Magda Rakosi places a werewolf curse on Quentin Collins II to avenge the death of her sister Jenny Collins. (749)
Laura Murdoch Collins is consumed by fire. (760)
Minerva Trask dies. (773)
Rachel Drummond dies. (776)
Carl Collins dies. (780)
Count Petofi causes Charity Trask to become possessed by the spirit of Pansy Faye. (804)
Charles Delaware Tate is commissioned by Count Petofi to paint a portrait of Quentin Collins II. It cures Quentin of the werewolf curse and makes him immortal. (804-834)
NEGATED EVENT: Beth Chavez kills Quentin Collins II. (836)
Beth Chavez jumps from Widows' Hill to her death. (876)
Gregory Trask is immured in Quentin's room by Judith Collins. (879)
Gregory Trask commits suicide. (884)
Barnabas Collins follows Kitty Soames through the portrait of Josette Collins to 1796. (885)

20th Century[]

Year Event
1901 Ezra Julius Braithwaite dies. (684)
1913 Eric Lang is born. (543)
1915 Sam Evans is born. (530)
1917 Elizabeth Collins Stoddard is born. (267)
c1917 The East Wing of Collinwood is closed down. (2, 84)
1925 Roger Collins is born. (267)
1935 Elizabeth Collins is given an emerald pin encrusted with diamonds by her great-grandmother for her 18th birthday. (208)
c1936 Frank Garner is born. (97)
1939 The Collins' Vineyard in Malaga is disposed of. (214)
c1942 Sam Evans paints the portrait of Betty Hanscombe. (60)
1944 Tom and Chris Jennings are born. (564)
c1945 Jaimson Collins dies. (17) [10]
1946 Victoria Winters is born. (379, 437)
Carolyn Stoddard is born. (267) [11]
1949 Paul Stoddard leaves Collinsport. Jason McGuire makes Elizabeth Collins Stoddard think she killed Paul, he too leaves Collinsport. She becomes a recluse and fires all the servants. Matthew Morgan is employed as caretaker of Collinwood. (6, 197, 271, 272)
Victoria Winters begins receiving anonymous payments. (5, 34)
1950 Matthew Morgan is almost killed. (16)
1956 Whilst out driving, Roger Collins strikes and kills a pedestrian. Laura Murdoch and Burke Devlin are also inside the car. Sam Evans is a witness. (60, 61, 198-201)
Roger Collins frames Burke Devlin for manslaughter. He is sent to prison for 5 years. Burke swears revenge against the Collins family. (11, 19, 201)
Roger Collins marries Laura Murdoch. They leave Collinsport soon after and settle in Augusta. (10, 13, 124)
Sam Evans' wife dies. (199)
David Collins is born. (32)
1962 Burke Devlin is released from jail after 5 years. (11)
Richard Garner’s brother dies. (92)
Maggie Evans begins working at the Collinsport Inn. (123)
Laura Murdoch Collins becomes mentally unstable and is committed to an asylum. (132)
1965 Chris Jennings transforms into a werewolf for the first time. (676)
1966 Laura Murdoch Collins is released from the mental asylum, she moves to Phoenix, Arizona. (153)
1967 Laura Murdoch Collins is consumed by fire in Phoenix, Arizona. (137, 138)
The parents of Tom, Chris and Amy Jennings die. (627)
Sabrina Stuart witnesses Chris Jennings transform into a werewolf, causing her to enter into a state of shock. (692, 698)
Victoria Winters and Burke Devlin arrive in Collinsport. (1)
Bill Malloy is found dead. (50)
Laura Murdoch Collins returns to Collinsport for her son David. (123)
Laura Murdoch Collins is consumed by fire. (192)
Jason McGuire arrives in Collinsport. (193)
Roger Collins confesses he was responsible for killing the man who Burke Devlin went to prison for. (201)
Willie Loomis releases vampire Barnabas Collins from his chained coffin. (210)
Jason McGuire is strangled to death by Barnabas Collins. (275)
1968 Burke Devlin dies in a plane crash. (344)
A séance is held that transports Victoria Winters back in time to 1795 and causes time in the present to suspend. (365)
Victoria Winters returns from 1796 and time in present resumes. (461)
Angelique Bouchard Collins arrives at Collinwood under the guise of Cassandra Collins, Roger Collins’ newly-wed. (473)
Eric Lang is killed by Angelique Bouchard Collins. (486, 543)
Julia Hoffman conducts an experiment which cures Barnabas Collins by transferring the vampire curse into an artificial being named Adam. (490)
Sam Evans dies. (518, 530)
Nicholas Blair, Cassandra Collins’ ‘brother’, arrives at Collinwood. (521, 522)
Nicholas Blair punishes Angelique Bouchard Collins by turning her into a vampire. (548, 549)
Tom Jennings is attacked by vampire Angelique Bouchard Collins and dies. He rises as a vampire. (564)
1969 January: Chris Jennings arrives in Collinsport. (627)
Tom Jennings is consumed by flames. (631)
The ghost of Quentin Collins II haunts Collinwood. (646-700)
Peter Bradford arrives from 1796 takes Victoria Winters back with him. (650)
Barnabas Collins returns to 1796 in order to save Victoria Winters from being hanged for witchcraft. (661-666)
Barnabas Collins uses the I-Ching to travel in time to 1897. (700, 701)
Barnabas Collins returns from the past under the control of the Leviathans. (889)
Barnabas Collins hits a strange man with his car; he looks like Quentin Collins II. The stranger's name is Grant Douglas. (904, 905)
1970 Charles Delaware Tate is attacked and killed by a werewolf. (922)
After seeing the portrait of Quentin Collins II, Grant Douglas realizes that he is Quentin. (932)
Paul Stoddard is killed by the Leviathans. (933)
Jeb Hawkes turns Barnabas Collins back into a vampire for being disloyal to the Leviathan cause. (950)
Megan Todd is killed. (971)
Jeb Hawkes is pushed off Widows' Hill and killed. (980)
Chris Jennings leaves Collinsport with Sabrina Stuart and Amy Jennings. (1075)
The ghost of Gerard Stiles haunts Collinwood. (1077-1109)
Sebastian Shaw drives an imperiled Maggie Evans to Windcliff Sanitarium. (1108)
NEGATED EVENT: Gerard Stiles kills David Collins and Hallie Stokes. Gerard summons zombies back to life to destroy Collinwood. (1109)
The stairway into time appears. Julia Hoffman uses it to travel to 1840. (1109)
Barnabas Collins uses the I-Ching to travel in time to 1840. (1113)
1971 Julia Hoffman and Barnabas Collins return from 1840 using the stairway into time. They find that everything is normal and the Collins' family destiny is saved. (1198)
1995 NEGATED EVENT: Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman arrive from 1970. They find that Collinwood has been destroyed and the Collins family is either dead or insane. (1061)
NEGATED EVENT: Sarah Johnson dies. (1064)
NEGATED EVENT: Carolyn Stoddard dies. (1068)
NEGATED EVENT: Timothy Eliot Stokes dies. (1070)
Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman use the stairway into time to return to 1970. (1070)

Parallel Time[]

Year Event
1680 Amanda Collins, Constance Collins and James Forsythe are killed by Brutus Collins. Brutus sets a curse on Collinwood, only people capable surviving a night in the locked room will be worthy of the Collins family name. (1231)
1770 Barnabas Collins is born. (1010)
1814 Claude North is born. (1047)
1830 Barnabas Collins dies. (1010)
1840 Lamar Trask enters the Parallel Time room and dies. (1198)
1841 Gabriel Collins dies. (1237)
Daphne Harridge dies. (1238)
Bramwell Collins and Catherine Harridge survive the ghost of Brutus Collins’ attempts to destroy them. Brutus declares that they have won and the family curse is broken. (1245)
Morgan Collins dies. (1245)
Bramwell Collins becomes the new master of Collinwood, he and Catherine Harridge are married. (1245)
1866 Claude North dies. (1047)
1939 Angelique Stokes Collins is born. (987)
1969 Angelique Stokes Collins is murdered. (987)
1970 Barnabas Collins enters the Parallel Time room. (980)
William Loomis confronts Barnabas Collins at his coffin with a cross and chains him in with plans to write a new book. (982)
Alexis Stokes, Angelique’s twin sister, arrives at Collinwood. (984, 985)
Cyrus Longworth creates a potion that that causes him to transform into the evil John Yaeger. (988)
Alexis Stokes goes to her sister's coffin, when she touches the body Angelique awakens and switches places with Alexis. (1000, 1001)
John Yaeger is killed, it is discovered he is really Cyrus Longworth. (1035)
Julia Hoffman enters the Parallel Time room and accidentally kills her parallel counterpart. (1036)
William Loomis jumps to his death from the Collinwood tower room. (1045)
Carolyn Loomis is killed by Roger Collins. (1049)
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard is killed by Roger Collins. (1053)
Roger Collins is killed by Angelique Stokes Collins. (1055)
Angelique Stokes Collins loses consciousness and dies. (1056)
Timothy Stokes sets fire to Collinwood to avenge Angelique’s death. Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman become trapped in the Parallel Time room; it sends them back to their own time band. (1060)

The Underworld[]

Year Event
1968 Angelique Bouchard Collins appears before Diablos. (628)
Diablos instructs Nicholas Blair to sacrifice Maggie Evans on the black alter in order for them to be together in hell. (629)
1970 Quentin Collins II and Amanda Harris attempt to escape from Mr. Best’ domain. Amanda is killed by falling rocks. (932-934)


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  9. It is referred to on-screen as 1797, this is assumed to be a continuity error as the events are re-enacted ones that were previously stated to have occurred in 1796.
  10. The latest point for this to occur, but it could be a couple of years earlier. In 17, it is mentioned that Elizabeth's father died over 20 years ago.
  11. In 267, Carolyn Stoddard's birth date is given as July 16, 1946, however in 5 and 29 it is stated that Carolyn was born 6 months after her father Paul Stoddard left Collinsport, the date of Paul's leaving is given as 1949. In 271, Paul speaks of having to put up with Carolyn for the last 2 years. In 507, Carolyn's tombstone is shows the following dates: Born: December 8, 1948, Died: July 15, 1968, however here it’s presented within the context of a dream so the birth date may not necessarily reflect reality, she doesn't die 1968 and lives on for many years after that point.

Episode dating[]

Broadcast dates[]

On-screen dates[]

  • 1680PT: 1231
  • 1692: 1140
  • 1795: 365 to 404, 610
    • In 366, the present date is given as November 20th, 1795. Also, it is stated that Barnabas Collins and Josette DuPres' wedding is planned exactly 1 month from today, i.e December 20th, 1795. In 380, Natalie DuPres wants to bring the date of the wedding forward, suggesting the year is still 1795.
  • 1796: 405 to 461, 623, 626, 661 to 666, 885 to 886
    • In 419, March 2nd is stated to be one month away. This is the first indication that the year has changed to 1796, an arbitrary point sometime before this episode is chosen for the purposes of this time-line. In 512, the date of Nathan Forbes’s death is given as taking place on March 31st, 1796, originally seen to occur in 460.
  • 1840: 1109 to 1198
  • 1840PT: 1186 to 1210
    • In 1210, the year is given as 1840 for the last time.
  • 1841PT: 1211 to 1245
    • In 1234, the year is given as 1841 for the first time.
  • 1949: 271 to 272, 900
  • 1897: 701 to 885, 922, 938
  • 1967: 1 to 304, 584, 588, 698
    • In 157, the present year is given for the first time as 1967. A date of October 26th, 1967 is given in 189.
  • 1968: 305 to 365, 461 to 619
    • In 461, the present year is given as 1968. A date of April 3rd is given in 463, suggesting that 1968 began before Victoria was transported to 1795, as time in the present was held in suspension whilst she was in 1795/6. 287 is the last time the present year given as 1967, an arbitrary point shortly after this episode is chosen for the purposes of this time-line.
  • 1969: 620 to 622, 624 to 661, 666 to 701, 815, 835 to 837, 873, 887 to 917
    • In 671, Elizabeth birthday is stated to be that day. In 267, Elizabeth’s birthday was given as February 28th, meaning 671 takes place on February 28th, 1969. In, 673, it is stated that Chris Jennings arrived in Collinsport 2 months ago. Chris' first on-screen appearance is in 627, suggesting 1969 began at some point shortly before that episode, an arbitrary point shortly before this episode is chosen for the purposes of this time-line.
  • 1970: 918 to 980, 1002 to 1003, 1007 to 1008, 1012, 1031 to 1032, 1035, 1052, 1070 to 1109, 1113 to 1114
  • 1970PT: 969 to 971, 975 to 1060
  • 1971: 1198
  • 1995: 1060 to 1070

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