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[[File:443.jpg|thumb|219x219px|Charlotte Fairchild (right) as a maid with [[Nancy Barrett]] as [[Millicent Collins Forbes|Millicent Collins]] during the 1795 storyline of Dark Shadows.]]
Charlotte Fairchild played a [[Servants of Collinwood|Maid]]. She was uncredited.
Charlotte Fairchild played a [[Servants of Collinwood|Maid]] in the original [[Dark Shadows (1966)|Dark Shadows]]. She was uncredited.
==Appearances ==
==Appearances ==

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Charlotte Fairchild (right) as a maid with Nancy Barrett as Millicent Collins during the 1795 storyline of Dark Shadows.

Charlotte Fairchild played a Maid in the original Dark Shadows. She was uncredited.



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