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Charity Trask
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Portrayed by

Nancy Barrett

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Audio appearances

The Carrion Queen
The Poisoned Soul
The Fall of the House of Trask

Biographical Information

Charity Trask

Also known as

Pansy Faye

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Manner of death

Jumped of Widows' Hill



Family members

Gregory Trask (Father)
Minerva Trask (Mother)
Judith Collins (Step-mother)
Simon Briar (Uncle)

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Charity Trask (1870s - 1941) was the daughter of Gregory and Minerva Trask. Along with her mother, she was called her father's right hands (725) in running his school, Worthington Hall.

When she arrived at Collinwood, it became apparent to Barnabas Collins that she already knew Rachel Drummond, so when her father became a problem, he decided to bite her so he could control her (727).

Eventually Rev. Trask discovered the bite marks on his daughter's neck, but did not attribute them to a vampire attack until after Minerva's death. Once he discovered this he put a cross on her door and garlic on her doorway to keep him out, but he did not count on Charity's desire to be away from her father and how much she had adopted Barnabas as both a father figure and ideal lover.

Charity Pansy

Charity possessed by the spirit of Pansy Faye

Charity was briefly engaged to Tim Shaw, but broke off her engagement in pursuit of Barnabas Collins. She predicted that Tim would eventually marry his childhood friend Rachel Drummond, but this never happened, owing to Rachel's sudden death.

Later on, Charity became possessed by the spirit of Carl Collins's murdered fiancée, Pansy Faye, a cockney showgirl and sometime mentalist. While in this state, Charity staked Barnabas while he lay hidden in his coffin in a seaside cave. Charity/Pansy also developed romantic feelings for Quentin Collins and rivalled Angelique for his affections. She proved her mental powers when she recognized Count Petofi had taken possession of Quentin's body. Although she was unable to win Quentin's love, she became a trusted friend.

She later assisted her stepmother, Judith Collins Trask in gaining revenge against Gregory Trask for trying to drive her insane.

Charity died in 1941 when she threw herself off Widow's Hill, after Pansy was exorcised by The Dark Lord and her resurrected father, Gregory Trask, whom Charity killed soon after. (TFOTHOT)

It is hinted that she was the grandmother of Tony Peterson.

Background Information and Notes[]

  • Charity Trask was Nancy Barrett's third role on the show.
  • Nancy Barrett reprised her role in the Big Finish Audio Drama The Poisoned Soul and The Fall of the House of Trask.


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