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The chapel monastery was a large, abandoned church located in the village of Collinsport. Maine. In July of 1970 the vampire, Barnabas Collins brought the catatonic Maggie Evans to the chapel, with the intention of turning her into his immortal, vampire bride.

Maggie’s boyfriend, Jeff Clark, broke into the chapel to rescue her. He climbed up to a balcony recess and used a crossbow to kill Barnabas’ servant, Willie Loomis. Upon which, Barnabas wheeled around and used his powers of hypnosis to mind-control Jeff. He forced Jeff to come down to the nave of the church where he was to play witness to the bizarre, unorthodox wedding ceremony. After the mortally-wounded Willie managed to run a piece of sharpened wood into Barnabas' back, Jeff, no longer under hypnotic control, finished shoving the improvised stake through the vampire's heart, destroying him.


  • In the continuity of the movies, vampires can enter churches without suffering any ill effects. They still retract from the presence of a crucifix however. [It may be, however, that the chapel had been deconsecrated, thus removing its power over the undead.]


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