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The cemetery was a private graveyard owned exclusively by the Collins family of Collinsport, Maine. All of the Collins family members who had passed away had been laid to rest here. At the bottom of a steep hill within the cemetery grounds resided the Collins family mausoleum.

In 1810, Charles Collins buried his lover, Angelique, there. He once visited the cemetery astride his dark steed, Dubloon, and witnessed Angelique's ghost floating amongst the tombstones.

In June of 1970, Willie Loomis skulked about the cemetery looking to rob the legendary jewels of Naomi Collins from the mausoleum.

Later that month, funeral services were held for Carolyn Stoddard. Her coffin was added to those contained within the recesses of the family mausoleum.


  • In the continuity of the original Dark Shadows television series, the Collins family mausoleum was located at Eagle Hill Cemetery, a local graveyard, that was not owned by the Collins family (though many of their own were laid to rest there).
  • The death of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard is referenced in Night of Dark Shadows, but the cemetery is never shown.
  • The information concerning Charles Collins comes from a scene that was cut from the final print of Night of Dark Shadows.


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