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Catherine Harridge Collins
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Lara Parker

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Catherine Harridge Collins

Family members

Daphne Harridge Collins (Sister)
Morgan Collins (Husband)
Bramwell Collins (Husband)

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Catherine Harridge Collins was the sister of Daphne Harridge Collins. She had been in love with Bramwell Collins but, after he left the country to make his fortune, she fell in love with his cousin Morgan. The two later became engaged. When Bramwell learned of this upon his return, he briefly abducted Catherine (1201), who became pregnant during the events.

Catherine went ahead with her marriage to Morgan (1207-1208), only learning of her pregnancy afterwards. When Daphne announced her own engagement to Bramwell (1217) Catherine tried and failed to talk them both out of it, though she did reveal her pregnancy to Bramwell (1219). After Catherine participated in and "won" the lottery that would determine who spent a night in the cursed tower room, Morgan stopped her and took her place, emerging from the room intermittently possessed by the spirit of James Forsythe (1221-1223).

Lara Parker as Catherine Harridge

Daphne died, giving her blessing for Bramwell and Catherine to be together. Under the pretence of visiting the old house to pay her respects to Daphne one last time before the funeral, Catherine met with Bramwell at the gazebo to discuss the future and their unborn child. Morgan, overhearing them, confronted Catherine and then made plans to lock Bramwell in the cursed room in the place of Kendrick Young. This also led to Catherine being locked in and helping Bramwell to break the Collins family curse at long last. Morgan, still mad with rage, dragged Catherine to the roof of Collinwood with murder in mind. He fell to his death (1241-1245). With Morgan out of the way, Catherine and Bramwell were married at last and, according to the show epilogue, lived happily together for many years.

Catherine and Bramwell

Source Material[]

The character of Catherine was based on Cathy from Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë.


Catherine Harridge Collins was Lara Parker's final role on the show.


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