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Carrie Stokes
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Kathy Cody

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Caroline Stokes

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15 (1840)

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(In death) Ghost

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Ben Stokes (Grandfather)

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This article is about the granddaughter of Ben Stokes who lived in 1840 "real time". For the daughter of Ben Stokes (PT) who was a psychic in 1841 parallel time, see Carrie Stokes (PT).

Caroline "Carrie" Stokes (b.1825) was the daughter of Amos and Martha Stokes, and the granddaughter of Ben Stokes (1163).


Shortly after Barnabas and Julia returned to 1970, Carrie made her presence felt in the house, most particularly to her descendant Hallie Stokes. Hallie found Carrie's 19th century dress in her room one day, and appeared to become possessed by Carrie whenever she had the dress on. Eventually, the ghost of Daphne Harridge led Hallie to Rose Cottage, where she became fully and permanently possessed by Carrie.

With the pressure of Gerard causing havoc on the estate, Carrie (along with Tad) caved and tried to help Barnabas and Julia prevent the Destruction of Collinwood, but their efforts failed and Gerard took control of the Great House.


Carrie moved into Collinwood during the 1830s after her parents died so she could be with her grandfather, Ben. When Ben died in late 1840, she was allowed to remain at Collinwood out of gratitude for Ben's loyalty to the family. Carrie was close friends with Tad, and together they shared a governess, Daphne.

Carrie was also devoted to Gerard, and had a schoolgirl crush on him for a time. She was later courted by Jeremy Grimes, but a relationship never materialized.

It is unknown what happened to Carrie after the events of 1840, but she presumably lived out a normal life and died sometime before 1897.

Alternate Timeline[]

Prior to Barnabas and Julia traveling to the past, Carrie had somehow died in 1840 and later haunted the estate in 1970 with Gerard, Daphne, and Tad. This timeline was negated when Barnabas and Julia traveled to 1840 and prevented the catastrophe at Collinwood.


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