Make-up test of Jessica Chastain as Carolyn Stoddard, vampire victim, for the WB Pilot

Carolyn Stoddard as portrayed by Jessica Chastain in the WB Pilot is a young woman in her early twenties, intensely frustrated by her life in Collinsport. She tells Joe Haskell, the fisherman with whom she has a relationship, of her fear of becoming like her mother, afraid of leaving.

On Halloween night, she is the third person attacked by Barnabas Collins after his accidental revival by Willie Loomis and Kelly Green. She had just left the bar run by Sam Evans and his daughter Maggie. Barnabas literally picks her up by the neck from trees then drops her after feeding. According to Dr. Hoffman, over half the blood in her system was gone. Carolyn evinced no memory of what happened.

Following the attack, Carolyn demonstrated personality changes. She insisted she never wanted to leave Collinsport and at least once gazed out of the window late at night, saying "Come back."

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