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Carlotta Drake
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Portrayed by

Grayson Hall


Night of Dark Shadows

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Carlotta Drake


Collinsport, Maine



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Carlotta Drake was a housekeeper who worked at the great house of Collinwood in Collinsport, Maine. Her mother worked there before her, and Carlotta grew up inside Collinwood all of her life.

Carlotta Drake was the reincarnation of a young girl named Sarah Castle who lived in the early 19th century. Sarah Castle had a close connection with a witch known as Angelique Collins and was present the day Angelique was hung for witchcraft in 1810.

In 1971, the ghost of Angelique manifested inside of Collinwood and awakened the spirit of Sarah Castle inside of Carlotta Drake. Loyal to Angelique’s will, Carlotta acted on her behalf and manipulated the residents at Collinwood including its owner, Quentin Collins, his wife Tracy, and Carlotta's nephew - a stable-hand named Gerard Stiles.

Carlotta knew that Quentin was the reincarnation of his own ancestor, Charles Collins and did everything in her power to help Charles’ spirit manifest itself inside of Quentin. When Quentin began to experience horrifying, violent episodes, he questioned Carlotta at length as to their meaning. Carlotta revealed everything she knew about the events of 1810, Angelique, and her own reincarnation.

When Quentin’s friends, Alex and Claire Jenkins began to interfere with the will of Angelique, Carlotta sent Gerard Stiles to attack them. After some time, the spirit of Charles Collins took full possession of Quentin, and the ghost of Angelique decided that she no longer had any need for Carlotta. She beckoned Carlotta to go to one of the upper exterior parapets of the great house, where she subsequently leaped to her death.

Background Information and Notes[]

When Quentin first tells Tracy about Carlotta, Tracy predicts that she will probably look "just like Mrs. Danvers." Grayson Hall previously played Hoffman, a character based on Mrs. Danvers in the original series.