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Carl Collins
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Portrayed by

John Karlen
Michael Shon

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The Wicked and the Dead

Biographical Information

Carl Collins


30 (1897)

Date of birth


Year of death


Manner of death

Strangled by Barnabas Collins


Maine, New England, USA

Family members

Quentin Collins (Brother)
Judith Collins (Sister)
Edward Collins (Brother)

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Carl Collins (1867 - 1897) was the son of Anna Collins and Geoffrey Collins; the older brother of Quentin Collins and the younger brother of Judith Collins and Edward Collins.

Original Timeline[]

Early Life[]

Carl Collins was born in 1867, to Geoffrey Collins and Anna Collins, he had a strong reputation for being a practical joker and had a hard time taking anything seriously. Viewed largely as an embarrassment to the family, Carl traveled frequently and very seldom took part in the family activities.

Return to Collinsport[]

In 1897, after his last return to Collinwood, he brought with him a mentalist Pansy Faye who he had fallen in love with during his travels. Carl had met Pansy in Atlantic City. his family disapproved, and they viewed Pansy, as yet another unworthy, low-class woman that Carl brought back with him, it's unknown if the marriage happend.

Alternate Timeline[]

The Vampire[]

In the alternate timeline, Carl Collins, soon found that she really did have psychic powers. Unfortunately she died shortly after her arrival at Collinwood, at the hands of the vampire Dirk Wilkins. The rest of Carl's life was spent trying to find the killer of Pansy. During a dream, Pansy told him to look in the mausoleum for her killer. He went there and found Barnabas Collins' coffin


He returned to Collinwood to tell someone and found Quentin, who had a greater interest in preserving Barnabas' safety than his own brother's. Quentin locked Carl in the secret room in the mausoleum hoping that Barnabas would kill him when he awakes, but Carl escaped. That night after Barnabas awoke, Quentin told him that Carl had discovered his secret and that Carl was a threat to him. Barnabas strangled Carl to death shortly afterwards, but before Carl died, he told the secret to Gregory Trask (780).


After Gregory Trask had been sealed in Quentin's room, the ghost of Carl Collins appeared to torment Trask and forced him to relive his past and see himself for who and what he really is. (The Wicked and the Dead)

Background Information and Notes[]

  • John Karlen recreated his role as Carl for the Big Finish audio drama The Wicked and the Dead, forty years after the character last appeared. The story speculates that a demon from Hell posed as Carl Collins to utterly destroy Trask mentally and emotionally.
  • In Bloodline, a very young Carl Collins was portrayed by Michael Shon.


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