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Caretaker of Eagle Hill Cemetery

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This man worked as the caretaker of Eagle Hill Cemetery in Collinsport, Maine, not five miles away from the fabled Collinwood. An overly superstitious man, he believed that a great evil lurked about the Collins family mausoleum.

His first appearance was when Vicki, attracted by an unknown force (in fact, the ghost of Josette Collins) found the old cemetery where previous incarnations of Laura Collins were buried (154). It was there that Vicki and Frank Garner discovered previous Laura Murdochs were all killed by fire, each one century apart from the next.

He also interrupted Dr. Guthrie (179) when he, accompanied by Joe Haskell, tried to open up Laura Murdoch Stockbridge's coffin to find out if a body was really there (it wasn't). Then he directed the trio (they were joined by Frank Garner, who, initially, tried to dissuade them) to the grave of another of Laura's previous lives, which proved to also be empty.

While awaiting for the return of Guthrie and his companions (180), he found a clipping from a local newspaper stating the fire that consumed Laura Murdoch Stockbridge had also killed her son. Before the group returned, he was visited by Laura Collins, who erased his memory of that discovery and faded out the entire article from the old newspaper, in order to conceal the discovery.

The morning after Willie Loomis broke into the mausoleum (210), the caretaker noticed that the locks on the front gate had been broken. Jason McGuire encountered the caretaker that same morning, and they exchanged words concerning the vandalism. McGuire ignored the caretaker’s warnings of an evil presence and investigated the interior of the mausoleum more closely (211). Despite his eccentricities, the caretaker remained at his employ until at least the end of 1967.


In the end-credits of the episodes he appeared in, he is listed simply as caretaker. He was never given a formal name.

It's never stated that where the Stockbridgers and Murdochs and Radcliffe's are buried IS Eagle Hill Cemetery but some other cemetery.


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