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The card room was one of the more expansive rooms to be found at the great house of Collinwood. A general recreation area, the card room was located on the 1st floor behind the main corridor and sandwiched between the organ room and the main library. Like many of the rooms at the old mansion, the card room was outfitted with the most luxuriant décor and furnishings available. Heavy, golden drapes hung overtop of three large window panes looking out upon nearby Widows' Hill. Ancient portraits of various Collins family members were hung in ornate wooden frames and covered nearly every wall. The room contained several antique divans, wing chairs, desks, sideboards and a large crystal chandelier.

In June of 1970, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard and her brother Roger Collins hosted a costume ball in honor of the arrival of their heretofore unknown cousin, Barnabas Collins. In recognition of Barnabas’ passion for the 18th century, Roger required that all of his guests arrive dressed in period costumes. Most of the celebration took place in the card room, but it also spilled out into the adjoining organ room and central foyer.

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