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Captain Cranshaw was an adventurous mariner who came to Collinsport, Maine some time in the 1800s. He built a large Gothic mansion on the beach near Widow's Hill, which eventually came to be known as Cranshaw House.

At some point during his time in Collinsport, Captain Cranshaw met the vampire Barnabas Collins. Unaware of Barnabas’ supernatural heritage, Cranshaw gave him a tour of his home and showed him a hidden vault below the cellar, which he considered to be his secret treasure room. Cranshaw built the vault facing the ocean, and equipped it with a pipeline that could channel seawater directly into the chamber by way of a hidden valve. This was installed as a defence mechanism should anyone ever attempt to steal his treasure. Barnabas eventually made use of this defence mechanism when he was forced to combat the forces of the werewolves, Chris Jennings and Melissa Henry.

Appearances Edit

The Foe of Barnabas Collins (referenced only)

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