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Buzz Hackett was a typical motorcycle rider, always broke, without apparent breeding, sophistication, or need for such. In other words, he was the perfect man for Carolyn Stoddard to date when she wanted to get even with her mother (252).

At first, Carolyn took up with Buzz because her mother had told her she was doing nothing with her life and she wanted to make a point. Then, when the date of Elizabeth's marriage to Jason McGuire was announced, she schemed to marry Buzz at the same time, being sure that Elizabeth would back down (254). Of course, since Elizabeth was being blackmailed into the marriage, Jason decided to call her bluff.

When Jason tried to bribe Buzz to break off the relationship with Carolyn, he turned down the offer and told Carolyn what her new "Daddy" had tried to do. During their conversation Buzz states that he comes from a family that makes "big money" whereas the Collins family "makes big noise" (257). When Jason tells him Carolyn is just using him, he indicates this is probably true, but he doesn't mind because he is having fun.

Carolyn broke off a date with Buzz early after hearing about Maggie Evans' death and seeing Joe Haskell. At the time Buzz warned her there may not be another date (262). When Elizabeth's marriage to Jason fell through Buzz quietly departed from the scene, never to be seen in Collinwood again.

Buzz always wore a leather jacket with a chain across the back, had a scruffy beard, smoked cigarettes and preferred beer to other drinks. However; he did drink in moderation, preferring "other ways of having fun" to getting drunk (257).

Buzz is mentioned by parallel time Jonah Rooney in an attempt to belittle Carolyn for having nothing going for her while all her friends have. As of 1973 Buzz has become an accountant living in Bangor with his boyfriend (The Flip Side).


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