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Brutus Collins
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Louis Edmonds

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Brutus Collins


Maine, New England, USA

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(In death)

Family members

Constance Collins (Sister)
Amanda Collins (Wife)

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Brutus Collins (c.1630-c.1680) was the head of the Collins family in parallel time, and was last known to be alive in 1680. Brutus was an unscrupulous man and trusted no one except his sister, Constance Collins, for much of his life. Only a few trusted individuals knew of his fascination with the occult.

In 1677, he became involved in a business endeavour with James Forsythe, who soon found out that Brutus was cheating him out of money. At the same time, Brutus discovered that James was having an affair with his wife, Amanda Collins.

Brutus took revenge by murdering both James and Amanda. He locked their dead bodies in a secret room in the west wing—the room that would come to be feared by the Collins family for centuries.

Ghost of Brutus Collins

After Brutus's sister, Constance, discovered the murders, she turned on him. He murdered her as well and placed a curse on the family. This curse said that only one who could stay in that secret room for an entire night would be worthy of the name Collins, and that until that time comes, the family would suffer madness or death once per generation.

This curse lasted until 1841, when Bramwell Collins and Catherine Harridge Collins successfully survived the room.


Brutus Collins was Louis Edmonds's final role on the show.


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