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Bruno Hess was a musician and former lover of Angelique Stokes Collins in 1970 parallel time.

Bruno lived in the cottage on the Collins estate and at one point had a secret affair with Angelique. He composed and dedicated "Ode to Angelique" in her honour.

Never having fully recovered from her death, Bruno was convinced that Alexis Stokes was truly Angelique returned from the dead. Alexis sought protection from Quentin Collins, and her brother-in-law ordered Bruno off the estate. However, Angelique had written in her will that Bruno would be allowed to live on the Collins estate for as long as he was alive.

A short time later, Bruno and Quentin had an argument over who murdered Angelique at the seance, and when Quentin went to confront Bruno at his home, he watched as Bruno died from an unseen force (in reality, Angelique orchestrated his death through witchcraft and framed Quentin). Quentin was accused of murdering Bruno, but was later acquitted.

Source Material[]

  • Bruno Hess was based on the character of Jack Favell from the novel Rebecca.


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