Brett Hawker was the caretaker at Collinwood, presumably employed some time after the death of Matthew Morgan. He was killed by Alfie Chapman.

The House By The Sea Edit

Carolyn asked Brett to check on Gerald Conway who was staying at Seaview. Knocking on the door, he was unable to hear Gerald dying of a heart attack and being possessed by the spirit of Nicholas Blair

Beneath the Veil Edit

Brett met Emma Finney outside the Collins General Store. He flirted with her much to the annoyance of her boyfriend Alfie.

Later, in the Blue Whale he told Carolyn about his visit to Seaview. He said that Gerald had eventually answered the door but had told him that he wanted to be left alone. He and Carolyn flirted and made plans for the following evening. He was then disturbed by something that Alfie said to him and quickly left the bar. His body was found at Eagle Hill Cemetery the following morning.

Alfie later revealed to Eve that he had stabbed Brett because the man "annoyed" him.

The Lucifer Gambit Edit

Carolyn couldn't accompany Amy to Saratoga Springs as she had to attend Brett's funeral. 

Beyond the Grave Edit

Before his death, Brett had been interviewed alongside Carolyn by Tom Lacey for the television show Beyond The Grave.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Brett was played by James Unsworth.
  • It was implied that Brett and Carolyn had a casual sexual relationship.
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