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Bramwell Collins
Production Information
Portrayed by

Jonathan Frid

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Biographical Information

Bramwell Collins


Maine, New England, USA


Owner of a Merchant Ship

Family members

Barnabas Collins (Father)
Josette DuPres Collins (Mother)
Daphne Harridge Collins (Wife)
Catherine Harridge Collins (Wife)

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Bramwell Collins was the son of Barnabas and Josette Collins in the Parallel Time world. His marriage to Daphne Harridge was short lived (1238).

Bramwell returned to Collinsport with the hopes that his merchant ship would soon arrive and establish his fortune which he felt was necessary to win his beloved Catherine Harridge. He was unaware that Catherine was already betrothed to his cousin, Morgan Collins (1199). He met with Catherine secretly on a couple of occasions and she became pregnant with his child. (1202). When Morgan found out he had pursued Catherine, he challenged him to a duel. Bramwell, known to be an expert shot, refused to fire and was seriously wounded.

Bramwell's wounds were tended by Catherine's sister, Daphne, who proposed marriage to him. The two were soon married, but the revelation of Catherine's pregnancy posed serious problems. Daphne, feeling neglected by Bramwell, took ill and died, but before she did, she gave Bramwell and Catherine her blessing (1238).

Morgan, insanely jealous of Bramwell, threw Bramwell and Catherine into the Locked room when the final lottery was held (1243). There Bramwell and Catherine were able to defeat the ghost of Brutus Collins and end his curse. Bramwell killed Morgan in self defense and as the final episode ended we are told that Bramwell and Catherine were later married and were known to be one of the happiest couples alive (1245).

Background Information[]

  • Bramwell Collins was created when Dan Curtis told the writers to created another character for Jonathan Frid, for his last 13 weeks on the show.
  • Bramwell Collins was Frid's second and final role on the show.

Source Material[]


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