Bloodline, Episode Thirteen



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Alan Flanagan


Ursula Burton
David Darlington
Joseph Lidster

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David Darlington

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Bloodline, Episode Thirteen is an audio drama from Big Finish Productions.

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Julia Hoffman reveals that the woman who's body she's been in is named Lilith, and has been the cause of all the trouble. Lilith's sister was one of Barnabas's first victims in the 1960s and she has never forgiven him for it. Barnabas pleads with Lilith to return the members of his family to the present time, and apologizes for all of his failings.

Lilith reveals that she has some sympathy for Julia, as Barnabas has never returned her love. Barnabas claims that he only ever loved Josette, but Lilith reminds him of: Maggie Evans, Victoria Winters, Roxanne Drew, and Angelique - all of whom he professed love for at one time.

Still, Lilith does as he asks. The members of the family are returned to the present time. Julia and Barnabas regain their former bodies. Barnabas's former host body takes the name of Bramwell but is unable to communicate fully. Amy and David determine that their relationship is better suited as friendship than lovers and end their engagement.

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