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Bloodline, Episode Seven is an audio drama released by Big Finish Productions.

Summary Edit

Tom Cunningham finds himself in the year 1767 without any understanding or memory of the events that led him there. He meets and befriends Sarah Filmore who greatly resembles Jackie Tate. She introduces him to the current local residents, all of whom remind him of his friends and family in the future.

Sarah is working as a maid in the big house, along with her friend Fiona Tanner. Sarah recognizes that a portrait of a Collins ancestor, Tom Collins, looks identical to Tom Cunningham and she confronts him. He admits to being from the future. Hesitant at first, Tom proves his story by showing her his tape recorder, she believes him and asks to travel with him to the future when he returns.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Peterson asks Sarah to find a gold ring that has been missing. The ring suddenly appears in Fiona's possession, and Fiona is dismissed. Sarah is given the ring as a reward. Fiona, furious with rage, attacks Sarah and Tom at widow's hill. In the confusion, she falls to her death.

Tom notices that a full moon will rise within the next two nights and worries about how he will control the curse. He makes an audio recording and leaves it in the caves by the shore, hopeful that other members of his family have also been transported through time, and may find his message.

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Memorable Quotes Edit

David: My name is David Collins. Amy? Are you hearing this, Amy? It's our wedding day, and I don't care what the year is. I just wanted to say I love you, and I'll get back. We all will.

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