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4 April 2019

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Bloodline is a 13 part serial produced by Big Finish which began its release in April of 2019, a sequel to 2015's Bloodlust.


In the Great House of Collinwood Amy Jennings and David Collins are finally putting years of tragedy and loss behind them and committing to a life together. And, as the ceremony approaches, friends old and new are drawn to the town at the edge of the sea.

Once again, the tortured vampire, Barnabas Collins, is amongst them. But this time he is not alone. After so many years away, Doctor Julia Hoffman has returned with him, finally convinced she has the means to cure his affliction.

But joy and happiness never last long in Collinsport, for malevolent forces are never far away. Among those gathered for the celebration are some who would conspire to tear the family apart. In this town some wounds refuse to heal, some secrets demand to be heard, and some sins cry out to be punished.

Welcome back to Collinsport. Until death do you part.

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John Karlen was originally slated to have a much larger part, but owing to poor health he was unable to record lines. As a result, previous recordings were utilized to include his character.

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