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The Doll House

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Elizabeth Chavez

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(In death) Ghost

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Elizabeth "Beth" Chavez was a maid at Collinwood in 1897 and later was a ghost who haunted the house in 1969.


Original Timeline[]

Beth was born in 1873, she arrived at Collinwood around 1895 as the personal maid of Jenny Collins, the first wife of Quentin. It is unclear when Beth began her affair with Quentin, but after Jenny went insane and Quentin went to Alexandria, Egypt with Laura Collins, she stayed on to serve Jenny, who was locked up in the tower room. She also acted as the sole contact with Mrs. Fillmore, who adopted Quentin and Jenny's twin children. This arrangement was known only to Edward and Judith Collins until Rachel Drummond noticed the light in the tower room one night and began asking questions.

In 1897, Beth shot and killed Quentin Collins when he refused to marry her, though she lived a lonely life afterwards and went on missing Quentin.

In 1969, When Quentin's ghost was freed from his room, Beth also began to haunt Collinwood, but ultimately she provided Barnabas and Julia Hoffman with the information they needed to stop Quentin's death, which saved the life of David Collins in 1969.

New Timeline[]

In 1897, The fate of Quentin Collins and Beth Chavez changed because Count Petofi stopped Beth from killing Quentin. Petofi planned to use Quentin's body to travel to the future. Beth later worked as the maid for Petofi to escape from her feelings toward Quentin, but she still loved him. Petofi later stole Quentin's body without her realizing it until later. Quentin was able to reverse Petofi's magic and switched bodies again. Shortly thereafter, he found Beth on Widows' Hill. He tried to tell Beth that he wasn't Petofi and had switched back, but she didn't believe him. She jumped off the cliff to her death (876).

Photograph of Beth Chavez in 1897

When she came back as a ghost, she appeared to Gregory Trask, who was walled up inside Quentin's room, and then to Quentin. When she appeared to Quentin, she forgave him.

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