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Ben Cross
Biographical Information

Harry Bernard Cross


London, England, U.K.

Birth date

December 16, 1947

Production Information

Dark Shadows


Barnabas Collins (1-12)

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Ben Cross (b. December 16th, 1947) is a British actor who played the role of Barnabas Collins on the 1991 NBC Dark Shadows revival series. His likeness was used to illustrate his character in the various comic book series published by Innovation Comics. Ben Cross, Ely Pouget and Veronica Lauren were the only primary cast members to only play one role in the series.

In the original Dark Shadows series, the role of Barnabas Collins was played by Canadian actor, Jonathan Frid

Beyond the Shadows[edit | edit source]

Outside of Dark Shadows, Ben Cross has been featured in many movies, including a number of films within the horror genre. He has tended to play characters who are obsessives with a tendency towards moral ambiguity. A small example from his resume would include:

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