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Bathia Mapes (d.1796) was a white witch who answered a summons from Joshua Collins to cure his son, Barnabas from the curse of vampirism placed on him by the witch, Angelique.


One night in 1796, Joshua Collins and Countess Natalie DuPres, in an act of desperation, conducted a ceremony to summon aid to cure Barnabas Collins from his curse. Barnabas was in the Tower room locked in his coffin at the time. After they sent out a summons, they waited for a knock on the door of Collinwood, but instead, the wind blew the doors open, and there stood Bathia Mapes (449).

Bathia Mapes was taken secretly to the Tower room after being filled in on the history of the subject. She warned Joshua Collins that this would be a very difficult ceremony and she could not guarantee that it would cure his son, nor that Barnabas would survive if cured, but she was compelled to try. Her first attempt did not go well, and Mapes realized that she faced a formidable foe, and that her own life could be forfeit should she fail (450).

A second attempt was made to remove the curse, but Angelique was too powerful. Mapes was distracted by the unexpected arrival of Naomi Collins, who was unaware that her son was not dead. Distracted by the commotion, Bathia Mapes was consumed by Angelique's fires from Hell (451).

A deleted scene from Blood and Fire featured Bathia briefly meeting Angelique in 1767. Big Finish Productions released the scene on their Soundcloud Page.


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