The basement of Collinwood. The locked door can be seen.


The basement of Collinwood.

The basement of Collinwood was a dusty, cobwebby place filled with cluttered boxes and unused furniture and books.

David Collins often hid there when he wanted to be alone (4).

A large padlocked door was located in the basement, which Elizabeth Collins Stoddard claimed led to a store room (6). Elizabeth carried the only key to the door on her person at all times (38). On several occasions, Victoria Winters heard loud sobbing in the night coming from the locked room, but no one backed up her claims (4, 5). Eventually, Roger admitted to her that he had heard the sobbing many times but didn't know where it came from (37). Elizabeth told her it was simply one of the many normal noises that old houses make (38).

Appearances Edit

6, 37, 38

In episodes in bold, sobbing can be heard from behind the door of the locked room.
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