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Barnard Hughes (July 16, 1915 - July 11, 2006) played Stuart Bronson in the original Dark Shadows. Due to Hughes' later unavailability, he was unable to continue the role. Bronson's character was later replaced by James Blair (played by John Baragrey) from episode 42 on.

Hughes was a noted stage actor. He first appeared on Broadway in Herself Mrs. Patrick Crowley in the 1930s. In 1973, he was nominated for a Tony award for Much Ado About Nothing. Other Broadway plays he acted in include A Majority of One, Advise and Consent,The Good Doctor, and Da. It was for Da that he won a Tony.

He had roles in many movies including Midnight Cowboy, Oh, God, Sister Act 2, and The Cradle Will Rock.

Television audiences may have known him best for having played Buzz Richman on the sitcom Blossom from 1991-95. He also received an Emmy award for a guest-starring role on Lou Grant.