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Marilyn Ross


August 1970

Dark Shadows Barnabas, Quentin and the Witch's Curse

Barnabas, Quentin and the Witch's Curse is the twentieth of the novels written by Marilyn Ross as part of a separate continuity.

Publisher's summary[]

Against her will, Anita Burgess accompanies her brother Jeffrey to Collinwood. He is determined to get revenge against Quentin Collins who he believes is responsible for his best friend's death.

Pretending friendship toward Quentin, Anita and Jeffrey learn he has established a Black Magic center at Collinwood and has several young women completely under his power.

Jeffrey enlists Barnabas's aid in his struggle to destroy Quentin - both to avenge his friend's death and to free the young women. But he does not realize that by destroying Quentin, he risks destroying Anita as well.


Anita Burgess accompanies her brother, Jeff, to Collinwood as he seeks revenge against Quentin for the death of his best friend. The Burgesses learn that Quentin has established a coven at Collinwood and they enlist Barnabas' aid to destroy it.

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