Barbara Steele
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Barbara Steele


Birkenhead, Cheshire, England, U.K.

Birth date

December 29, 1937

Production Information

Dark Shadows (1991)
The Night Whispers


Dr. Julia Hoffman (1-12)
Natalie DuPres (7-11)
Celeste (TNW)

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Barbara Steele
Barbara Steele

Barbara Steele in "The Pit and the Pendulum"

(b. December 29th, 1937) is an English actress that played the roles of Dr. Julia Hoffman and Countess Natalie DuPres on the 1991 NBC Dark Shadows revival series. Her likeness was used to illustrate her respective characters in the various comic book series published by Innovation Comics. In the original Dark Shadows television series, the roles of Julia Hoffman and Natalie DuPres were played by Grayson Hall. In her portrayal of Julia, Steele spoke with her native British accent.

Twenty years after filming the Dark Shadows Revival Series, Barbara Steele returned to the franchise to play Celeste in the 2010 dramatic reading "The Night Whispers" by Big Finish Productions.

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Outside of Dark Shadows, Barbara Steele has made a career for herself by playing various characters in Italian horror movie classics, including:

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