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This article belongs to the continuity of the 1991 Revival series.

Also known as Grimm House, Asulon Studio is a large estate in Collinsport located a short distance from Collinwood and the Old House. The studio was home to two sisters, Allie and Thenno Grimm. Greek columns, pillars and assorted statuary could be found on both the interior of the house as well as peppered throughout the exterior gardens (1).

On December 21st, 1991, a man named Nathan Fairfax came under the Grimm’s employ as a handyman. His function was to keep the studio and surrounding courtyard clean of snakes and debris (2). Nathan was astonished by the lifelike statues that could be found erected all across the property. A few days later, on December 26th, Nathan learned the truth about Asulon Studio and its strange occupants. The Grimm sisters were both immortal gorgons (3).


  • Asulon Studio is a location that was featured exclusively in the Dark Shadows comic book series. It never appeared in the television show.


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