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Michael Stroka

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19 (1885)
32 (1897)

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Killed by Garth Blackwood


New England



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Aristede was a mysterious young man who worked for Count Andreas Petofi. He was very vain and owned a curved dagger called "The Dancing Girl" (792).

Apparently, Aristede was discovered by Count Petofi one night on London's Embankment (854) but this was later changed to them having met, in 1885, near Dartmoor Prison after Aristede had escaped (877). He believed he had murdered his jailor, Garth Blackwood. Petofi told him he would protect him and Aristede said he would be Petofi's obedient servant.

Aristede stole the Hand of Count Petofi just as Quentin Collins was stealing it from Evan Hanley (791/792), but then lost the hand to Angelique (793) when she used voodoo on him. Losing the hand angered Count Petofi. Before Angelique took the hand from him, she noted he wore "an expensive scent" and he said he liked all things that were "pleasing to the senses". It was to Aristede that Count Petofi first revealed his hatred of gypsies when he saw Julianka at The Blue Whale (794).

Aristede knew more about Count Petofi than other people, and guarded this knowledge zealously. He knew Charles Delaware Tate had sold his soul to Petofi for his talent for painting (807). It was Aristede who killed King Johnny Romano (828). After Petofi kidnapped Dr. Julia Hoffman, Aristede attempted to kill her after she told Petofi about the I-Ching. He tried to trick Barnabas Collins into shooting her, but the bullets didn't kill Julia, for her real body was in the future. He ran away fearing that Barnabas would kill him for trying to kill Julia. Aristede returned to Collinsport after he heard that Barnabas was staked in his coffin. He continued to help Petofi, who later possessed Quentin's body. After seeing Barnabas alive again, Aristede ran away again. When he came back, Quentin had switched bodies with Petofi. Thinking Quentin is still Petofi, Quentin tricked Aristede into killing Petofi. Charles Delaware Tate told him that Quentin and Petofi switched back. Aristede tried to explain to Petofi why he tried to kill him, but Petofi didn't forgive him.


Michael Stroka as Aristede

To get revenge on Aristede, Count Petofi summoned the ghost of Garth Blackwood to hunt and kill him after Charles drew his picture. Aristede tried to get Evan Hanley to help him get rid of Blackwood, but he refused to help. He witnessed Blackwood kill Evan. Gregory Trask offered to help Aristede if he would kill Judith Collins, but he failed to do so when Blackwood interrupted him. Blackwood eventually caught up with Aristede and killed him.


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