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Angelique Bouchard (2012)
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Eva Green
Raffey Cassidy


Dark Shadows (2012)

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Angelique Bouchard


Owner of Angel Bay Seafood

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(As a witch)
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 Angelique Bouchard is a powerful witch who is deeply in love with Barnabas Collins. In 1792, having been spurned by Barnabas, she kills both of his parents, driving him to madness. Following this, she proceeds to cast a curse on the Collins' family, and curses the new love interest of Barnabas as punishment. She makes Josette jump from a cliff and makes Barnabas a vampire. She is portrayed by Eva Green.

In the present day, she is a successful businesswoman, having taken over the fishing business when the Collins' power declined. Using various personalities and personas, she has recreated herself to continue control over her small town empire. When learning of Barnabas' return, she attempts to haggle and seduce him simultaneously. When this fails, she blackmails him into intercourse with the promise that she'll leave Victoria Winters a.k.a Maggie Evans alone.

After a brief fling between the two, Barnabas states that it can never happen again, angering her.After debating with her board, she attempts to imprison Barnabas. She tricks him into her office and after a business deal gone wrong, she pushes him into a casket and chains him inside. Upon setting the cannery on fire, she then takes him to the Collins' family grave and places him inside. She states that after a few centuries she'll retrieve him and with that, leaves him there.

She proceeds to reveal Barnabas's true nature to the town, as well as attempting to get his entire family arrested as accomplices to murder. This leads to the final battle, wherein, she displays numerous powers and admits to her own dastardly deeds. She admits that she had a werewolf bite Carolyn Stoddard as a child and was the reason that David's mother died at sea. The final battle ends with her, broken and defeated, pulling her heart from herself and offering it to Barnabas.

In Dark Shadows


In a single brief childhood scene set in Liverpool, England, 1760, Angelique's early interest in Barnabas is established. The young Angelique, around 10 years of age, is portrayed by actress Raffey Cassidy. She is depicted with her mother, a servant, departing on a sailing ship from the Liverpool docks for "the New World," along with the Collins family. The childhood scene also helps establish Angelique's class-based resentment of the Collins clan's privileges, for she is cautioned by her mother that she must accept her place, servitude, in the social structure of the time and not even gaze freely upon her "betters," including Barnabas.

1776 - Adulthood

As she develops into an attractive, dark-haired young woman, Angelique seems to follow in her mother's footsteps as a servant to the Collins family in their New World mansion, Collinwood. However, she develops skills in witchcraft and - whether through natural or magical charms - arouses the amorous interest of the Collins heir, Barnabas. Though he clearly experiences carnal pleasure with her, when Angelique asks him to affirm love for her, Barnabas candidly rejects the notion. Instead, he falls in love with a young woman closer to his own social standing, Josette duPres.

Relegated by the prevailing attitudes of the era to scrubbing theCollins floors while the man she had hoped would love her openly romances another of her "betters," Angelique sees Barnabas and Josette tenderly embracing. Driven by romantic and class jealousy, she begins to use the dark empowerment that witchcraft has provided her to wreak revenge upon Barnabas and the Collins family, and to improve her own fortunes.

Her first act of retaliation is a magical spell that kills Joshua and Naomi Collins, who are Barnabas Collins' parents and the founders of the American Collins lineage. In the film's first depicted supernatural act, Angelique crushes a small figurine of a seahorse, using her fingers to crumble it into pieces, as she intones, "Make the high and mighty low / Arrogant creatures, down you go!" This phrasing makes clear that Angelique is driven not only by anger at Barnabas' refusal to love her, but also by resentment of her status as a servant in the household of the far more privileged Collinses. And as she concludes this incantation, a large piece of decorative rooftop statuary, shaped like a seahorse, totters and plummets to the ground, crushing Joshua and Naomi as they take an evening stroll below.

Angelique then commits the two pivotal acts of vengeance that drive the subsequent action of the film. First, she recites a second incantation: "If he doth another choose / To lend his heart and eye / Then magic shall the slighted use / That all he loves shall die!" This recitation brings about the death of Josette, who, bound by the spell, is compelled to leap from Widows' Hill. Then, as Josette's fate is sealed and the despairing Barnabas attempts to follow her in death, Angelique places the curse of vampirism upon Barnabas so that his suffering cannot end. (While playing a similar role in the plot to events of the original daytime serial, the film depiction has the sequence reversed, with Josette magically induced to kill herself before Barnabas' vampire curse is evident; in the original series, Josette flees from Barnabas and hurls herself from the cliff in horror upon discovering that Barnabas has become a fanged bloodsucker as a result of Angelique's curse.)

According to the later recounting of "legends" by Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, Barnabas tried to persuade the people of Collinsport that Angelique has placed him under a curse, but they found him deranged. However, the film shows the actual events in 1776, when Angelique herself leads the townspeople in a torch-carrying mob to Collinwood, points out Barnabas, declaring "There's the monster!" and facilitates his imprisonment in a buried coffin for almost two centuries, until 1972 when the film's principal events are set. The townspeople appear to harbor no suspicion of Angelique's being a practitioner of black magic or of her responsibility for Barnabas' transformation into a killer.


Over the next 196 ensuing years, the Collins family fortunes decline. (Apparently there were heirs other than Barnabas, for both Collinwood and the family fishing business endure, though both decline into near-ruin.) Angelique, adopting a series of guises through the decades to conceal her true age, establishes a prosperous rival to the Collins fishing business that she calls Angel Bay Seafood and becomes a well-known and at least superficially highly regarded pillar of the community of Collinsport. As the film reaches the events of 1972, Angelique is shown to have changed her naturally dark hair color to blonde and now goes by the name "Angie" Bouchard. She (in different guises over the past centuries) has been responsible for the decline of the Collins family and its fortunes. When she learns of Barnabas' escape from his prison, she confronts him and mocks him as being too out-of-date to do anything to stop her.

She sets up a meeting with Barnabas in her office and tries to convince him to sell the Collins fishery to her. She tries to win him back by seduction, for if he doesn't, she will kill Victoria and take away everything he loves. She succeeds, which results in a torrid act of supernatural lovemaking between them. However, because he loves Victoria, Barnabas tells her that he cannot succumb to her charms no more and asks her to forgive him. Lovelorn once again, Angelique then clutches Barnabas' hand and tells him that if she cannot have him, she'll destroy him. Unharmed by this, Barnabas still leaves. The following night, she went uninvited to the Collins party in a sparkly red dress looking for Barnabas, and not only learns about Barnabas' feelings for Victoria but become very angry when she witnesses Barnabas and Victoria kissing.

The next night after Barnabas killed Dr. Hoffman for using his blood, Barnabas meets with Angie again and demands she end his curse. She gives him one last offer, she in turn demands that Barnabas become hers for all eternity. When Barnabas refuses, she uses her powers to chain him inside the same casket she had previously locked him in and has the casket transported to the Collins family crypt, she put a pair of her red panties in the coffin, saying that he will think a little more about them. She them blows up the Collins family rebuilt canning factory via spell and then publicly accuse Barnabas not only of the arson of the cannery but also of several murders, including the workers, the hippies, and Dr. Hoffman.

Not knowing that Barnabas has escaped, Angelique leads the police and an angry mob to Collinwood to have Elizabeth arrested as an accessory to murder. She's shocked to learn that Barnabas has escaped and offer to be arrested, he then shows them what monsters "they" are and bites Angelique, causing her skin to crack and outs Angelique as the one responsible.

Final Battle/Death

Barnabas and Angelique battle inside the mansion, using spells to kill Barnabas. Barnabas then grabs Angelique by her neck and throws her up into Carolyn's room, who's revealed to be a werewolf. Elizabeth and Willie join in the fight on Barnabas' side, but the three are overcome by Angelique's magic. Carolyn attacks Angelique, but Angelique fights back and knocks Carolyn unconscious, as she reveal that she sent a werewolf to bite her when she was a baby. They continued the fight until one of the statues holds Barnabas. Angelique then sets Collinwood on fire. When it looks like Angelique won, David appears and tell her to leave him alone, saying that she will kill him first. She confronts him and with a boastfully taunt, asks what will he do. At that point he summons the ghost of his mother, which she has killed. The ghost charged her with a single powerful strike and haunting scream that throws her into the chandelier. Both of them crashed into the floor, where she is broken up.

During these final scenes, Angelique's face has begun to crack and collapse in a manner resembling that of a porcelain doll or eggshell, and as Barnabas speaks with her in her (apparent) dying moments, she is revealed to be virtually hollow inside. Barnabas then admits that there was a time a when he may have loved her, that he would've want to spend eternity with her. As the last ditch to ask Barnabas to love her and proof against his assertion that she has no heart, Angelique - literally - offers him her heart. Barnabas rejects her offer, knowing that her heart is never capable of loving and that she only wants to have him for herself, saying that's her curse. Her throbbing heart literally broke as it crumbles to pieces, and she finally succumbs to her death.

In the end, Angelique died in vain, as Victoria, whom was under her spell immediately saved by Barnabas by turning her into a vampire, once again, thwarting Angelique's proclaimed intention that if she cannot have Barnabas, no one else will.


While her principal villainy in the film is supernatural hostility against the Collins family, Angie is also depicted as having more generic qualities intended to turn audiences against her. She is a rather callous businesswoman who enjoys imperiously giving orders ("Start cracking the whip!"), demands unrealistic productivity from her workers, and is indifferent to others' suffering. ("Accidents happen," she shrugs when initially told a group of eleven workmen from the town have been killed the night before, uninterested until she learns that their throats were torn out at the same location where she'd presided over Barnabas' burial 196 years before.) She is also depicted as a bit vain, driving through town in a flashy red Plymouth Barracuda convertible, smiling and waving at the townspeople, and checking herself in the mirror. She hypocritically characterizes the original Collins family as "looking down their noses" at others, while later proclaiming herself (and Barnabas, for whom she still carries a determined torch) better than the other townspeople. Scoffing at Barnabas' threats to expose her as a witch, she boasts that the townspeople "are my worshipers now," declaring herself the "last big fish" in the "little pond" of Collinsport. She gloats that the Collins family are like ants she has enjoyed burning beneath a metaphorical magnifying glass, and attempts to compel Barnabas to "rule" the town alongside her.

In spite of her love with Barnabas, she was actually never capable of loving and only wants to control him as confirmed by Barnabas himself. This was also shown when Barnabas denied her at her first attempts to win his heart, she ultimately killed his parents and his lover as well as turned him into vampire as the retaliation (though her curse to turn him into vampire simply for her had another chance to win his heart that eventually vain). However, her sheer of hostility against Collins' family out of Barnabas rejecting her for the last time ultimately drove her to commit somewhat genocidal act against the family that she despised (save to Barnabas), as she forces Barnabas to watch as she kills what was left to his family before destroyed by the ghost of David's mother.

Powers and Abilities

  • Regenerative Powers: Displayed when her face cracks at the happening at Collinswood but later her face is perfect.
  • Telekinesis: Displayed when she pushes characters around like rag dolls.
  • Pyrokinesis: Displayed when she sets the Collins Cannery on fire.
  • Animation: Displayed in the final battle when she brings the pictures and statues to life.
  • Spell Casting: Displayed when she casts a curse on the Collins' family.
  • Immortality: As a witch, Angelique is able to change her disguises, and having not aged a day.
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