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Angelique Bouchard (2012)
Production Information
Portrayed by

Eva Green
Raffey Cassidy


Dark Shadows (2012)

Biographical Information

Angelique Bouchard


Owner of Angel Bay Seafood

Supernatural abilities

(As a witch)
Spell casting


Julia Hoffman (lover)

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 Angelique Bouchard is a powerful witch who is deeply in love with Barnabas Collins. In 1792, having been spurned by Barnabas, she kills both of his parents, driving him to madness. Following this, she proceeds to cast a curse on the Collins' family, and curses the new love interest of Barnabas as punishment. She makes Josette jump from a cliff and makes Barnabas a vampire. She is portrayed by Eva Green.<p style="font-weight:normal;margin-top:0.4em;margin-bottom:0.5em;">In the present day, she is a successful businesswoman, having taken over the fishing business when the Collins' power declined. Using various personalities and personas, she has recreated herself to continue control over her small town empire. When learning of Barnabas' return, she attempts to haggle and seduce him simultaneously. When this fails, she blackmails him into intercourse with the promise that she'll leave Victoria Winters a.k.a Maggie Evans alone. After a brief fling between the two, Barnabas states that it can never happen again, angering her. 

After debating with her board, she attempts to imprison Barnabas. She tricks him into her office and after a business deal gone wrong, she pushes him into a casket and chains him inside. Upon setting the cannery on fire, she then takes him to the Collins' family grave and places him inside. She states that after a few centuries she'll retrieve him and with that, leaves him there.

She proceeds to reveal Barnabas's true nature to the town, as well as attempting to get his entire family arrested as accomplices to murder. This leads to the final battle, wherein, she displays numerous powers and admits to her own dastardly deeds. She admits that she had a werewolf bite Carolyn Stoddard as a child and was the reason that David's mother died at sea. The final battle ends with her, broken and defeated, pulling her heart from herself and offering it to Barnabas.


While her principal villainy in the film is supernatural hostility against the Collins family, Angie is also depicted as having more generic qualities intended to turn audiences against her. She is a rather callous businesswoman who enjoys imperiously giving orders ("Start cracking the whip!"), demands unrealistic productivity from her workers, and is indifferent to others' suffering. ("Accidents happen," she shrugs when initially told a group of eleven workmen from the town have been killed the night before, uninterested until she learns that their throats were torn out at the same location where she'd presided over Barnabas' burial 196 years before.) She is also depicted as a bit vain, driving through town in a flashy red Plymouth Barracuda convertible, smiling and waving at the townspeople, and checking herself in the mirror. She hypocritically characterizes the original Collins family as "looking down their noses" at others, while later proclaiming herself (and Barnabas, for whom she still carries a determined torch) better than the other townspeople. Scoffing at Barnabas' threats to expose her as a witch, she boasts that the townspeople "are my worshipers now," declaring herself the "last big fish" in the "little pond" of Collinsport. She gloats that the Collins family are like ants she has enjoyed burning beneath a metaphorical magnifying glass, and attempts to compel Barnabas to "rule" the town alongside her.

In spite of her love with Barnabas, she was actually never capable of loving and only wants to control him as confirmed by Barnabas himself. This was also shown when Barnabas denied her at her first attempts to win his heart, she ultimately killed his parents and his lover as well as turned him into vampire as the retaliation (though her curse to turn him into vampire simply for her had another chance to win his heart that eventually vain). However, her sheer of hostility against Collins' family out of Barnabas rejecting her for the last time ultimately drove her to commit somewhat genocidal act against the family that she despised (save to Barnabas), as she forces Barnabas to watch as she kills what was left to his family before destroyed by the ghost of David's mother.

Powers and Abilities     

  • Regenerative Powers: Displayed when her face cracks at the happening at Collinswood but later her face is perfect.
  • Telekinesis: Displayed when she pushes characters around like rag dolls.
  • Pyrokinesis: Displayed when she sets the Collins Cannery on fire.
  • Animation: Displayed in the final battle when she brings the pictures and statues to life.
  • Spell Casting: Displayed when she casts a curse on the Collins' family.
  • Immortality: As a witch, Angelique is able to change her disguises, and having not aged a day.
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