Andre DuPres
Andre DuPres
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Andre DuPres


Paris, France


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Josette DuPres Collins (Daughter)
Natalie DuPres (Sister)
Marie DuPres (Wife)

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André Du Près was a wealthy plantation owner from Martinique. He was the brother of Countess Natalie du Pres, the husband of Marie du Pres and the father of Josette du Pres Collins. The family were originally from France.

André married Marie in what his sister later described as one of the "biggest church weddings Paris had ever witnessed". They were married by an Archbishop. The service had been organised by André's father, one of the King's ministers (380).

By 1780, André was himself working for the King. On a Sunday evening, he presented his wife with a gift - a crimson pearl. That evening both André and Marie had dreams forewarning them about the French Revolution. A voice in the dream promised them that André would become a successful business owner and that Marie would remain beautiful until the day she died if they left Paris (The Crimson Pearl).

André, Marie and their young daughter, Josette, left Paris almost immediately to join his cousins in Martinique. A few months later, Marie died during the Great Hurricane of 1780, fulfilling the dream's prophecy. As she had already planned, André's sister, Natalie, joined him in Martinique shortly afterwards (Hell Wind).

André and Natalie raised his daughter together. When Josette was courted by Barnabas Collins, André gave his consent to the marriage, despite the necessity of Josette's relocating to America. André accompanied his daughter to her new home in Collinsport for the wedding.

Shortly after their arrival, he was shocked to discover that his daughter had become romantically involved with Jeremiah Collins, the uncle of her fiancé. He confronted Jeremiah about the affair, and Jeremiah gave his word that he would never see Josette alone again (376). The promise was broken however, when on the eve of her wedding Josette eloped with Jeremiah (380). He later argued with Barnabas who refused to believe that the disappearances of Josette and Jeremiah were connected (381). He and Barnabas resolved their differences shortly before the return of Josette and Jeremiah (383). Although he accepted that the duel between Barnabas and Jeremiah should happen, he tried to prevent it to protect Josette but was unsuccessful in this (384). He was later angered by the visit of the Reverend Trask who wanted to interrogate every member of the household - believing that witch hunts were uncivilised (387). He didn't believe Josette and Natalie when they said they'd seen Jeremiah's hand rising from his grave (393). At some point after this he travelled to New York. Natalie decided that she and Josette would join him there until he had completed his business in the city (421).


In Angelique's Descent, it was revealed that prior to his marriage, Andre had an affair with a girl in Martinique, and unbeknownst to him, fathered a child - Angelique. Angelique discovered this, but never revealed it to anyone.

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370, 376, 380, 381, 383, 384, 387, 390/391, 393, 394

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