Amanda Harris
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Portrayed by

Donna McKechnie

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Audio appearances

The Eternal Actress
The Darkest Shadow

Biographical Information

Amanda Harris

Also known as

Olivia Corey
Helvetica Stanhope


2 (1897)
55 (1950)
74 (at time of death)

Date of birth

March 11, 1895

Year of death

January 20, 1970

Manner of death

Crushed by falling rocks


Artificially created human



Supernatural abilities


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Amanda Harris portrait

Portrait of Amanda Harris by Charles Delaware Tate

Amanda Harris aka Olivia Corey (March 11, 1895 - January 20, 1970) was a woman created by Charles Delaware Tate. She later became a famous stage actress. She was the true love of Quentin Collins.

"All I wanted to do was to paint someone who would reflect my
own ideal of what a woman was... I was motivated by something
really beautiful."
- Charles Delaware Tate

Arrival at Collinsport

Amanda was created when Charles Delaware Tate first painted a portrait of his ideal woman in 1895. Unawares, Tate had been given the power to create things with his paintbrush. Amanda was first discovered in New York in March of 1895 - fully grown, with no memory. She first arrived in Collinsport as the lover of Tim Shaw. Shaw eventually lost interest in her, and when Tate became aware of her existence, he pursued her for his bride. Amanda did not return his affection and refused his offer of marriage. (848) Tate never got over her.

Quentin Collins

As Shaw's interest in her waned, Amanda met and fell in love with Quentin Collins. Despairing over his loss, Amanda made a deal with death: she would retain her youth and beauty until such time as Quentin could find her and recognize her. In later years she became a celebrated actress and adopted the name Olivia Corey. When questioned about her appearance by Julia Hoffman, she claimed to be the granddaughter of Amanda Harris.
Olivia Corey

Olivia Corey in 1970

She was brought back to Charles Delaware Tate's side, shortly before his death. He lived to be nearly a hundred years old, and declared he still loved her as he died in her arms. Although she had never completely returned his affection, she truly mourned the death of her creator.

Amanda was finally reunited with Quentin in the 20th century, but he was suffering from amnesia at the time and did not recognize her. She lost her chance to be with him when Death came. Quentin pursued her beyond the grave - and he was also given a chance: if they could make it through the other side without touching, they could both live. However they joined hands once and Amanda was lost to him forever.

Donna McKechnie returns to the role of Amanda Harris/Olivia Corey in the Big Finish audio drama The Eternal Actress, due to be released in May 2012. The blurb reads: "Helvetica Stanhope is a famous actress with a dark secret. She's afraid to sleep – for in her dreams, she sees the terrible deaths of her friends. Dreams which come horribly true. But that is not her dark secret.

"Gideon Wilder is a Hollywood reporter with a dark secret. He knows the truth about Helvetica Stanhope and he's going to tell all. But that is not his dark secret.

"Amanda Harris knows both their dark secrets. But she's quite happy standing quietly in the background. Waiting. Because that's what she's always done."

Source Material

Amanda Harris was partly based on Galatea from the legend of Pygmalion, and Sibyl Vane from Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.

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