Amanda Collins
Amanda Collins
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Nancy Barrett

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Amanda Collins

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Murdered by Brutus Collins


Maine, New England, USA

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(In death) Possession

Family members

Brutus Collins (Husband)

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Amanda Collins (1650s -1680) was the wife of Brutus Collins in 1680 Parallel Time.

Amanda was much younger than her husband, although they did have several children together. She eventually fell in love with Brutus's young business partner, James Forsythe. The two became lovers, but were murdered by Brutus. Their bodies were hidden in a secret room of Collinwood, where they remained until 1841.

In the 1830s Melanie Collins went into the forbidden room to be with her father who was chosen to spend the night there. Melanie emerged seemingly sane, but the spirit of Amanda Collins possessed her at strange intervals. Amanda's spirit was tortured and violent. Inside the body of Melanie, Amanda expressed her hatred for the entire Collins family. She was probably the one responsible for the death of Stella Young. This knowledge nearly destroyed Melanie, as she had fallen in love with Stella's brother, Kendrick Young. On their wedding night, Amanda again took over Melanie's body and Kendrick had to lock her in the tower room until the curse was broken.

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1231, 1236

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