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Amadeus Collins
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Amadeus Collins (c.1650-1700) was the primary prosecutor and judge in the trial of Judah Zachery, which took place in 1692.

Amadeus was responsible for coercing one of Judah's followers, Miranda Du Val (aka Angelique), into testifying against Judah and ultimately pushing forward a guilty verdict. His involvement with the trial was the reason Judah vowed revenge on the family (1140).

In the year 1840, the spirit of Judah returned and took possession of Gerard Stiles, planning to use him to destroy the Collins family. Through Gerard, Judah recognized Angelique (under the alias "Valerie Collins") as Miranda. In order to prove himself right, he called on the spirit of Amadeus to appear to Angelique. She immediately recognized his ghost and then banished him from Collinwood forever (1144).

By 1700, Amadeus had died. His brother Issac said he'd been in bad spirits for a number of years and considered it a blessing that he had passed away (The Crimson Pearl).

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1140, 1144

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