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Alexis Stokes
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Portrayed by

Lara Parker

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The Crimson Pearl

Biographical Information

Alexis Stokes


31 (at time of death)

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Manner of death

Drained of warmth by Angelique Stokes Collins



Family members

Angelique Stokes Collins (Sister)
Timothy Stokes (Stepfather)

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Alexis Stokes (1939-1970) came to visit Collinwood about six months after the death of her twin sister, Angelique Stokes Collins in the world of Parallel Time. Many of the residents of Collinwood, including Angelique's son, Daniel believed her to be Angelique, returned from the grave.

Alexis had been living in Florence, Italy for several years and was estranged from her family (985) as she felt that she could never live up to Angelique's standards and was tired of being compared (unfavorably) to her. Maggie Evans Collins, who was already feeling that more people cared about the first Mrs. Collins than about her, left Collinwood because of how Alexis reminded everyone of Angelique (985).

One night, Bruno Hess tried to strangle Alexis, believing it would "prove" she was Angelique, and reasoning that if she were really dead, it would not harm her (998). Fortunately Quentin stopped the attack in time (999).

While at Collinwood she saw the ghost of Dameon Edwards not long before her own death.

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After finally managing to convince everyone in the house that she was Alexis and not Angelique (1000), Alexis made a final visit to her sister's tomb before allowing Quentin Collins to destroy Angelique's body. In a moment of tenderness she touched her sister's hand, and with that touch, brought Angelique back to life and doomed herself. Angelique was able to rise from the grave and switch places with Alexis, absorbing all the warmth from her body until she died. With the help of Dr. Cyrus Longworth, Quentin destroyed Alexis's body, thinking it was Angelique's (1001).


After the death of Alexis Stokes, Lara Parker is still often credited for the remainder of 1970 Parallel Time sometimes as Alexis and sometimes as Angelique. This cannot be considered a true mistake as a majority of the cast never knew about the switch, and therefore called Angelique by her sister's name, and Angelique insisted the select few who did know call her Alexis even in private.

Source Material[]

Alexis is based on the character of Rowena in Edgar Allen Poe's Ligeia.


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